(Review) A Haunting in Connecticut (Documentary)

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

This is a dual review of both the documentary of A Haunting in Connecticut and the 2009 movie. I will post the movie review later in the week.

I saw the movie before I saw the documentary. Once the movie piqued my interest I decided to start looking for stuff online abut it. I love stuff that has a basis in fact (even in the most loose way). That lead me to YouTube where there were a few videos such as TV news segments and such. I happened across one of the segments of the documentary and started watching it all. Click here for the first part.

The documentary is not a traditional documentary, it is more of one of those ‘docu dramas’ that Discovery puts out. It is very well done considering it was made for television. They put a lot of effort into it. The mother of the family is there in the voice overs (you can tell it’s her from all the other segments on the net (and the DVD features). The events are more or less accurate (unlike the movie) to what the actual family claimed happened.

The home portrayed in the movie and the documentary are very over-done. The movie has a completely different exterior (as you would expect in a haunted house movie). The documentary shows the actual exterior of the house but the inside is very haunted house looking as well (as opposed to the photos and news videos of the actual house). I guess you need that sense of dramatic interiors to make the show memorable.

The whole thought of a house once being used as a funeral home is awesome. This is a setup for pure horror movie fodder. I know it’s sad and all but wow its interesting! If you have an interest in this sort of thing go check it out. It’s all on YouTube so it don’t cost a thing to watch!

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