Stuff and stuff

by Nathan Stout (of

Once again I don’t have a specific topic to talk about but I do have some bullet points to cover a bunch of different thoughts I have…

  • My wife has suddenly become interested in the Rangers. As for myself I don’t care for sports. I will get mildly intersted if said team is playing for a championship and even then I am like: ‘meh’.
  • Still painting my house a little bit at a time. I could just quit now and probably no one would notice the difference but there are tons of little areas here and there that need touchups.
  • My yard is growing again and it looks like I am going to need to mow in the not too distant future. I thought the heat had killed it all but I was wong.
  • It’s almost cool enough to hang out in the shed in the back field… not quite though.
  • Didn’t do much this weekend. I did do some work at the rent house which I will post about on Wednesday.
  • I have started reposting stuff to eBay for selling. Since the convention didn’t go so well I am looking at some turn over online.
  • My job is stressing me at the moment.
  • It would be nice to not have debt right now so I could just quit.
  • We are going to stay the night at WinStar on Halloween night. I don’t know why… I guess the wife wants to be elsewhere.
  • I wish we lived in the city… Halloween would be a big event.

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