Thursday Night

by Nathan Stout (of

Today’s post will be about Chris’ visit last evening (Thursday 10/21). Normally this wouldn’t be blog worthy but Chris rarely gets to come over anymore. Early in the week we talked about Chris coming over since he wasn’t scheduled into work until 1AM. Chris’ time of arrival was scheduled by Chris to be between 5:30 and 6:00. He arrived at 6:30 which is about what time I estimated his actual arrival (I know him well).

I had dinner ready to go by the time he arrived so we sat down to empanadas and re fried beans. We enjoyed some Arcadia (aka Duran Duran side project). I have the So Red The Rose Anniversary edition CD/DVD that came out last year. The DVD contains all the videos produced for the album as well as a short ‘filming the video’ segment that whoever made them seem to have lost interest early on since all the ones past the first video were very short and or had little to do with the filming. We sat through 4 of the ‘filming’ segments and their respective videos. They were very entertaining (both Chris and I had not seen them all). What?! you say? Chris hadn’t seen all the Arcadia stuff?! Impossible! Well, it’s true. I’m glad to have been the one to show Chris something of Duran Duran’s he had not seen before.

After dinner we stood around the kitchen while I showed him my excel spreadsheet of my bills. I have kept an extensive spreadsheet of the last 5 years of bills I have received. We discussed what assets I have and what I could sell in the coming year as apart of the ‘Chris McGinty: Enemy of Debt 2: Electric Bugaloo’ where Chris helps get me out of debt. I doubt it will be as drama filled as season 1 was.

Later we convened at the table to play some long-neglected NetRunner whist listening to Duran Duran’s bastard child: Liberty. Liberty is right up there (was actually there before) Red Carpet Massacre as their great ‘ignored’ albums. I don’t know why. I did fairly well in NetRunner winning a few games then loosing the last one or two. The wife showed up by then so we talked to her a little and finished up our gaming with best 3 out of 5 of ‘Shut the Box’. We took a break from all this to go check out Chris’ new ride.

We chatted a while longer and then Chris decided to leave. He planned to head home for a couple of hours before heading into work. That was ok with me since I was like seven hours past my bedtime.

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