2011 Junk on the web I found interesting

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

This is a list of stuff I have found over the last year either through others or by Stumbling, browsing the net. Alot here is a lot older than 2011 but that’s when I found them. Enjoy…

  • Portal video game end song. This is charming end song utilizing a text to voice I guess.
  • Mr. Trololololo guy. This crazy video has apparently be floating around the web for a while but I only discovered it this year. The song is kooky but his expressions and singing face are what make it great.
  • This He-Man flash video. This is greatness.
  • 4 Chords is all you need to for every pop song ever made. I disagree that these are all the same song but it’s VERY entertaining.
  • The Rocket’s (a French band) song Galatica and their tribute band’s version of the song. This was one of my most enjoyable finds of 2011. I also really like The Rocket’s version of On The Road Again.
  • It wasn’t until 2011 that I really got into Kraftwerk with this video. Their 2004 concert had the best stuff but most of it was pulled for copyright.
  • My biggest unknown find was David Zed. I was so impressed that I wrote a blog about him. I discovered him and The Rocket’s because of the suggested videos that YouTube put on the Kraftwerk video page. In case you don’t go read the blog here is the original video I found of him plus some of his comedy work. Here is that original video with funny subtitles.
  • Friday parody that is by far the best.
  • This color footage of London in 1927

The following isn’t stuff I from this last year but it’s more cool stuff from the net over the last couple of years:

I hope you enjoy this interesting link edition of the According To Whim Daily Blog. Please stick around in 2012 as we expand our horizons and hopefully get lots of cool stuff done.

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