Breaking Blog Silence

by Chris McGinty (
I am going to attempt to break the silence here with a blog post. I had some real issues with Blogger last year. I would try to post to the blog and it wouldn’t work. This was right after Blogger updated their interface. I’m hoping that they’ve updated it again, but this time fixing the issues I had with it.

Nathan and I got together tonight and worked on our game. We’ll talk more about that when we get around to starting our Kickstarter later this year, but for now I’ll just say that we’re making good progress.

After the play-testing, we called Miguel and got a Google Hangout set up. Let me just say that I’m sort of irritated with Google right now, but Nathan has convinced me that it’s really a problem with my web browser. Disliking Microsoft the way I do, I’m happy to entertain the thought that it’s not Google’s fault if it ends up being Microsoft’s. In fact, I’m almost reasonably sure that could be the case. I’ve had my operating system crash on me twice now to the point it had to be reloaded, and the common factor was that it happened after I downloaded Windows Updates.

We’re supposed to do an audio show with Miguel tomorrow, so I get to spend this evening (or possibly tomorrow since I didn’t sleep much today) trying to get all of my Google related stuff working. I’m so happy.

Well, I’ve decided to keep my blog posts below 500 words in most cases, and I’m not sure this will post anyway, so I’ll stop this one here. If this works, I’ll write more during the week.

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