When Uncle Sam stops you at the border…

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

“Ring ring.” Well it was actually: “Just a castaway, island lost at sea o. Another lonely day, no one here but me o.”

Who is this? I don’t know anyone from Buffalo NY. Eh, I’ll just let it go to voice mail.

Afterwards (a while because I forgot about the call) I got on my phone and listened to the voice mail. It was some lady from Fedex telling me some packages I was having shipped from Japan was being stopped at customs and they needed to know the contents of some of the items in it.

My hobby-business is selling Anime models at comic conventions. I make these big orders and have them shipped from Japan. I have been doing this for many years and I have never had anything caught up at customs (until now).

The only things I can think that flagged this particular shipment is because I ordered model parts that look (and are called) rivets as well as some model markers. I have never ordered these before so that may be the reason I got busted. The rivets are not metal (which is what I am guessing they think) and the markers are water-based but I guess they could be full of illegal chemicals or something so they need to check.

The person sent me a customs form and I had to ‘attest’ to the non-danger of the items and send it back to them. They also asked me about a book that is in the box. Specifically the number of pages in the book. Why? IDK. Perhaps they were wanting to see if it was something one of them wanted to keep! lol.

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