Completing Projects is Ruff Ruff (Down Boy)

by Chris McGinty of

It’s the journey, not the
You know what? Maybe that’s my
problem. Maybe I’m too involved with the journey. One of my biggest problems is
that I start way more projects than I ever finish.
I got to thinking about the term “pet
project” a while back. I always figured the phrase to mean a project that you
could tinker with whenever you had some free time. Then I realized that it’s
probably more of a project that you keep around so long, it’s like having a
pet. You’re so attached to having the project that to complete it would be like
letting go of a beloved pet.
Using that analogy, I run a
fucking kennel. I have so many pet projects. I’m the SPCA (Stupid Project
Completion Antagonist).
I think there are projects that
aren’t worth completing, but I have so many projects that actually interest me.
I have trouble focusing on one thing, or even just a few things.
So there’s an area of improvement
for me, to build a habit of completing activities and projects. That’s all I
have today.
Chris McGinty is not a pet owner at the current moment. He does, however, have about 30 blog posts in various states of completion. Tomorrow seems like a good time to spend the whole day shaping those up.

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