A Quick Thursday Check In

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I spent a good amount of time
writing today. An idea occurred to me while I was driving Wednesday night. I wrote
down some basic ideas and then went to sleep. I had a dream that involved
Howard Stern getting a hand job under the table. Then I woke up and I went out
and delivered for two and a half hours. Then I spent a lot of time writing. I’m
taking a break from writing to do some writing real quick. Then I’ll get back
to writing.
The only thing that I really have
to report is that I’ve been using Spotify as a Virtual Radio Station. It takes
a little bit of upkeep, but it works out. I’ve always said that if I ever had a
radio station, I would have my own take on a feature of the old Z-Rock heavy
metal station. Their feature was called Mandatory Metallica, and it was that they
played one Metallica song each hour. My version is Durandatory Duran.
Once I figured out how to make
the Spotify thing work, I started scouring Wikipedia to make sure that I didn’t
miss any Duran Duran tracks and I started from the beginning and moved forward
with one Duran Duran track each hour. At first, it seemed like Spotify had
everything, but the truth is that they had everything from the albums that have
been re-mastered. When I got to “Liberty”
all they had was the album itself. Disappointing, but not as disappointing as
when I got to “Medazzaland” and found out that Spotify doesn’t have the
following three Duran Duran albums: “Medazzaland,” “Pop Trash,” and “Astronaut,”
They pick back up at “Red Carpet Massacre.” I have no idea what happened there.
Hopefully, they’ll remedy that.
I have a somewhat busy day
tomorrow, and then I have a lot more writing to do. There’s a lot of 2019 to
get to.

Chris McGinty is a novelist (one novel, unpublished) who writes blog posts in between working on fifteen second novels.

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