July 4th – The Ultimate Summertime Trope

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

If anything screams Summertime, it’s America’s July 4th (Independence Day). America’s birthday is something that used to bring all Americans together but in today’s climate it’s become somewhat divisive. Those who protest July 4th love to say things like: ‘this country is so repressive because it is not 100% inclusive’. Well that’s just not the reality of it (not the statement’s reality but why people say it). People pretend to be social justice warriors when in fact they are attention hungry, spoiled brats. I’m not even touching politics here… I’m touching on how parents have raised their kids.

We are seeing more and more of the result of a generation who was told ‘you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do’ coming of age and truly believing it. The phrase “coddled” comes to mind. Let me give you some great examples:

  • “I’m going to major in gender studies and when I can’t get a job, I’ll protest to have the taxpayers pay off my student debt.”

  • “I’m going to get a total face tattoo and scream when no one will hire me.”

  • “I’m going to make a career of taking a meat patty out of hot tray and putting it on a bun and scream when I don’t get more than $8 an hour.

I’m still not dabbling in politics here…. fine line I know…

Don’t get me wrong. I feel we are all to some degree in that boat. We are generations who have been given the gift of a great life. I mean GREAT. We have never had more opportunity, luxury, ease of living, etc… we have become accustomed to near instant gratification. Just take some of my creature comforts away and watch me squirm.

Here is the big difference between me and them:

I can see the reasons why the world the way it is and I don’t overreact. I’m not saying my mom raised me as some sort of well-adjusted super dude (no offense mom) but in the lower middle class of my upbringing (in the age before total instant gratification) and with the help of my Mom and Step Dad I somehow got a balanced view of life.

What am I saying here… parents (and this includes me for my two fine little girls) don’t spoil your kids. At least, don’t spoil them in a way that makes them expect the WORLD to bend to their way of thinking… because it will not happen and it will only give you child a future of depression.

Ha! you thought this blog was going to be about something totally different, didn’t you?! Now, take this lesson in ‘the world will not always do you what you want or expect and go forth.’

Nathan Stout is a blogger who post dated this blog because he was too busy shooting fireworks off out of his nose last night (because his mom told him when he was a child that he could do anything he put his mind to).

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