Summertime 2019 – My Tidbits

by Nathan Stout (of

Here are some random tidbits (as Chris calls them) from my memory on Summertime happenings from my life:

  • Somehow I decided to move to Fort Worth in 2010 and I got Chris to help me. I turned out to be the hottest day of the year (literally).
  • As a kid I used to walk around without shoes (back in the early 80’s). I walked to the front door and noticed blood all over the porch behind me. Turns out I must have sliced my foot open in the back yard. I spent a couple of weeks at my mom’s friends house watching daytime TV (back then, there were no 24 hour cartoon channels, so it was PBS cooking shows and The Price is Right) while my 6 stitches sealed up the cut right on the edge of my big right toe.

  • In the late 80’s tubing on the Brazos river and visiting Schlitterbahn (back before they were corporate). What’s interesting about that water park (even to this day) uses water from the Comal river and some of the tubing runs dump you into the river. That’s cool.
  •  Disney Summer trips:
    • 1991 (World)
    • 2016 (World)
    • 2020 (World… wait for it)
  • Six Flags Over Texas trips. A much closer option than Disney, Six Flags was a summer time regular stop for us here in North Texas. As a side note, they just closed the Aquaman ride (that used to be Splash Waterfalls). Their promo banners saying ‘we are making something new’ showcase old stuff from Six Flags history including my summer time favorite ‘The Cave”.
  •  In the mid 80’s we used to go stay with our Dad who had bought a piece of land in Crowley that had no water. We would begin our summer weekends filling up 2 liters, gallon jugs, and barrels for all our house hold water needs.

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