Maybe I Should Be More Selective Who I Follow Back

by Chris McGinty of

I think there is a slight
difference between the terms “social network” and “social media.” I’m sure that
there is an actual definitional difference, but I’m talking more as a
philosophical approach. Social networking is meeting the friends of your
friends and sometimes becoming friends. This could happen in real life. I met
my friend Kristen through my friend Adrian, and we have since become good
friends as well. Social media is more along the line of networking to promote
your business. This would be like showing up to a high profile local show,
talking to people, and promoting your own upcoming show. We do this on the online
social platforms as well.

When I was on My Space, I had two
accounts. The first was people I actually knew, and the second was an “add
everybody” account. The problem with add everybody is that you start getting
people who are using it as social media rather than social networking. It means
that you end up adding a number of profiles that aren’t real. There is surely
somebody who created the account, but they’re usually not who they say they
are, and they’re not there to become friends. My Space had the Top Friends
section, and at one point I’d accepted so many fake accounts that my top eight
was different accounts with the same profile picture and different first names.
I think I got up to five of one picture and three of another as a personal
record. Those accounts tended to get reported and deleted, so it was a little
I feel like that’s starting to
happen a little on Twitter now, and I only have a little over 200 followers at
the time of this writing. I guess I thought it would take longer.
I got the first one relatively
soon. It was just a woman. Normal picture. Normal name. But she immediately
sent me a DM that made it clear that she was fishing, and that account has been
the only Unfollow I’ve done so far.
I got the guy DMing me asking me
for pics. I told him that I really don’t post pics to Twitter. Then a couple of
weeks later, I started posting the pics that I use for my blog posts. Then I
remembered that guy. Sorry, man.
I got a follow recently, and
before I followed back I saw what it said, “Hey guys. I’m 18 now and want to
have some fun.” Yep. The tweets on the account were all links to adult websites.
This is the only account so far that I didn’t follow back.
Meanwhile, I got a follow from a
CBD oil business. I followed back, because aside from Miss 18 year old who
doesn’t get the idea of sleeping with guys at work, I follow everyone back. Now
I seem to get a follow from a CBD oil or Cannabis sales account every other
day. I’m not your target audience. Sorry. But at least they’re representing
themselves as what they are, rather than some 40 year old guy claiming to be an
18 year girl wanting to have fun by sending you to adult websites that you
could have found on your own. Thanks.
It’s nice to know that a decade
later, nothing has changed on social platforms. I don’t know what I would have
done if there hadn’t been opportunists lurking around every corner.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
used to claim that he would start a heroin habit when he was diagnosed with
cancer. But hey, this whole Cannabis thing might be a better option. You know,
since they don’t seem to have any interest in actually curing cancer… That’s
just conspiracy theory shit. Ignore it.

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