A “What If…” Question about Enjoying Sex

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I recently did a review of an app called “What if…” I mentioned that I’d downloaded it again to use the
questions as writing prompts. Google Play link. This question came up when I started the app:

What if…
you enjoy sex twice as much
your partner enjoys it half as
Yes or No.
I’ll tell you first what my first
instinct was: “Um, no way.”
I’m probably not the most giving
lover in the world, but I see little point in being with someone and not
attending to their needs. It’s just funner when both people are enjoying it. Am
I opposed to occasionally being the sole focus, no, but it would be dull if it
was always so.
By the way, 72% of the people who
answered the question answered no. It seems that most people wouldn’t increase
their enjoyment if it meant their partner wasn’t enjoying it. It seems like
people truly care about the people they sleep with.
It might make you wonder why
nearly 30% of the people would answer yes. That really didn’t concern me. I
enjoy sex quite a lot already. I don’t think it would hurt to enjoy it more.
Choosing yes might be selfish, but it might not be. There are people who don’t
enjoy sex as much. They might be thinking that it would put them on even
footing with their partner.
What if… your app had a Mature 17+ rating -but- it was just because of silly questions about sex?

Then it occurred to me that while
my no answer wasn’t selfishly motivated, it’s possible that some no answers might

– They might fear that their
partner would leave them if the sex was suddenly less fulfilling.
– They might fear that when
sleeping with someone for the first time that they wouldn’t get a second time
if it wasn’t good.
– They might fear that the wrong
reputation might get around and new prospects might dry up.
One last thing occurs to me,
which has to do with the phrasing of the question. I’ve presumed the question
meant that any partner you had would enjoy it half as much. What if it meant
your current partner only?
Think of the revenge that you
could commit if you caught your current partner cheating. You suddenly enjoy
sex twice as much, and that cheating [insert the insult of your preference]
suddenly enjoys it half as much, and then you dump them. You go on to have an
amazing sex life, and they go on to wondering why the last time they had truly
good sex was with you.
That turned dark fast.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who would
choose to enjoy writing the blog half as much, if the readers enjoyed reading
it twice as much.

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