A “What If…” Question about Having a Clone

by Chris McGinty of AccordingToWhim.com

I’ve talked before about the “What
If…” app, and the ability to use it for writing prompts. Google Play link. Here’s
the question that came up when I started it:
What if…
you got a clone of yourself that
obeys your orders
it falls in love with the same
person you fall in love with.
Yes or no.
My first instinct was no. I guess
this question evokes images of having a clone that will go to work for you, but
then you come home from a vacation in the Caribbean and find the clone sleeping
with your spouse.
Wait, you went to the Caribbean without your spouse. You probably deserve it if your clone gets some of that action.
But then I realized that the
clone follows my orders. If I order it to stay away from the person I love then
it has to stay away, at least as the question is stated.

This means that I can go on
without worrying about the second part of the question. I could easily have my
clone work jobs for me while I spend my time writing.
Wait… shit. That’s slavery.
This asshole. I give him life by
cloning him and he wants to fuck my woman and turn me into a slave master.
You know what? Nevermind. I don’t
need a damn clone. This world can’t handle two of me anyway.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
didn’t write this blog post. It was ghost written by his clone while the real
Chris vacations in the Caribbean. He’s probably getting laid. I’m not. Help me.

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