Throwing Out Random Bullshit Just to Be Right

by Chris McGinty of

I no longer feel like discussing
anything with people who argue just to be right. I don’t mind arguing with
correct information or with a logically defensible point of view. I’m talking
about the people who will throw out whatever random bullshit they can think of
in order to give themselves the illusion that they won the argument.

I’m so interested in always being
right that I’ll admit when I’m wrong about something when given good, new
information just so I can be right again as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, you
have these people who want the illusion that they were right all along.
I actually wonder if these people
are so delusional that they don’t even see it. It feels like a form of
pathological liar where they throw something out that isn’t true, isn’t real,
or isn’t something you actually said, and you wonder thirty seconds later if
they even realize that they just made it up.
I’m not infallible. I sent my friend
Adam a link to a website fifteen years after an argument when I discovered that
I had been the one with the bad information. The email said something to the
effect that I was doing some reading and started wondering about my stance.
Realizing that I had the internet at my disposal to look up the information, I
searched and I found that I was in the wrong. His response: “Thank you for
updating me with the information.”
What the fuck is so hard about
Yet, there are people out there
who can’t admit something that they said five minutes ago was wrong, even if
you show them proof of their wrongditude. What? It’s a real word. Look it up. I
can’t help it that Google is incomplete.
I think my frustration comes from
the fact that I’m often fooled by these people’s intelligence. They’re
genuinely smart, but they decided for some reason to dig in on something that
they simply got wrong. It’s as if they believe that if they admit that they
were wrong that people will always presume they’re wrong. Maybe that’s the
problem. They know other domineering assholes. Either way, they act like they’ll
lose some sort of competition that you weren’t even viewing as a competition.
It’s not debate club. I’ll just concede. You’re still not right though.
Chris McGinty is a blogger who
just wrote a 400 word sub-tweet as a blog post. He wants the world to know that
even if people agree with your bigotry, even if people applaud your bigotry
with likes, it’s still bigotry. You’re still a bigot.

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