According To Whim: Season 3

Welcome to the According To Whim: Season 3 Public Access show page. As Season 2 was ‘mostly’ shot, we began on Season 3. This season would hark back to the Season 1 sketch idea but with the tiniest of threads holding it together. I really wanted to get back to more zany comedy and this was the perfect solution. Unfortunatley the EVENT happend and the show came to a screeching halt. Possibly we will pick this back up in the future but you can see what we did accomplish below. We consider anything shot with the XLR or DSLR (aka, high def video that was NOT Season 2).

The Videos:

Hardly anything was saved from Season 3, but you can click here for our YouTube channel. Click on the According To Whim: Season 3 Playlist.

According To Whim: The Event:

Somehting awful happened that killed the original Season 3 and put the breaks on Season 2. Read about it here on our Blog. Backup Plan

According To Whim Season 2: Blogs

We wrote a couple of things about Season 3 for the Blog. Enjoy what little there is out there.

Like gone with the wind…

Episode 1 is nearly done

Shooting Episode 1

Wrapping up Episode 1

A date and time it will be online… not so fast says the EVENT