According To Whim: The Audio Show

These are mostly in MP3 but a good chunk (about 30) of the older episodes are in Real Audio format. Just make your PC play it like an MP3 and it should work. If you are die hard, rename the files.

And YES, we were doing these audio shows LONG BEFORE THERE WAS SUCH A THING AS A “PODCAST”. So shove it you trendy people!

The concept is simple. We (used to, before digital junk) take a ninety minute tape stick it into a tape recorder and record on one side until it stops. So we might never achieve a completely satisfactory ending. A typical ending might go like this, “Hey Miguel don’t you think we should stop the show right now, since we’re almost coming to the…(click!). Mighty production value conscious of us, huh?

During that time we (Miguel, Chris, and occasionally Nathan) talk about…just whatever. You may hear something entertaining, something funny, something profound, or something that just doesn’t interest you at all. Anyway you can listen to it while you look at other web pages. And don’t be alarmed when it cuts off abruptly either. That’s by (poor production) design. Most of the shows are done in the wee-hours of the morning, usually up to about 4 or 5 am (oh the excitement)! Miguel and Chris start off the series and Nathan comes in at about show # 20.

So sit back, start listening and do some web surfing! Soon will be familiar with this rag tag group of unmotivated slackers!

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