February 26th, 2006 Interview with Chris

By Nathan Stout

Hello again. It’s 2/26/2006 and I am here to interview Chris this time. All the keys on this keyboard work fine so there should be no problem with this interview.

Nathan: “Chris, how’s it going today?”

Chris: “Wonderfully tiring.”

Nathan: “Aren’t you working like 10 jobs or something?”
Chris: “Including this one?”

Nathan: “Yes.”

Chris: “3.”

Nathan: “O.k. At this point in the show’s progress (or non-progress, whichever way you look at it)…”

Chris: “May I interrupt?”

Nathan: “Yes.”

Chris: “When I said 3 I was actually spelling it out, not the numeral. I speak like that you know?”

Nathan: “I apologize. Now back to the question… How do you feel about the show at this point?”

Chris: “How do I feel about the show at this point?”

Nathan: (Heavy sigh)

Chris: “You should probably write that down.”

Nathan: “Damn, I knew it.”

Chris: “I feel that we don’t have enough time to work on it, that for sho’.”

Nathan: “Me too. Thanks.”

O.k. That’s it. I would go on longer but this is getting old. More questions some other time. On to some netrunner!