June Interview with Chris

By Nathan Stout

Well, it’s June 18th, 2009 and I have submitted (electronically) some questions for Chris to answer about Season 2 (and various other topics):

1.) Where are you at right now while you write your answers?

I am at my house, in between jobs. Where are you?

2.) Which is your favorite scene from Season 2?

Ok fine, evade the question.
This is actually a hard question to answer right now. There were a number of
things that made me lol while I was reading the script, and there were a couple
of additions that I made to the script that made me smile, but I’ve only seen
part of the edited bits of Episode One so far. The scene where Chris and Nathan
are coming out of the blood bank is pretty funny, and I like the scrolling
message to Colin Allcars in the newsreel.

3.) Which scene is your least favorite? (spell check won’t let me spell it the
British way, sorry).

Blimey! Bloody Microsoft. Not really a scene that I disliked. I thought that
even the parts that weren’t meant to be funny were good for the plot. If I had
actually disliked something I would refuse to shoot it. (This by the way is not
why half the Season isn’t shot yet. That’s just circumstance.)

4.) What do you hope will come out of your efforts from Season 2?

Well at risk of pissing off my cohorts, I just hope that we do something to
actually promote for a change. I was happy to do something creative, and I will
enjoy watching our work as the years go by, but it would be nice if after 16
years of doing this crap if someone actually saw it.

5.) Is it true you posed as Nathan when you entered, won, and was awarded with a
huge fake check for the North Texas Cannes-gestion Film Festival?

No I was totally posing as myself when I accepted the award, as I never
claimed to be Nathan. In an odd way, in spite of my active avoidence of working
on the project, I was still represented in the “collective” of videos that ATW
Productions submitted. My thoughts on solving the traffic problem were expounded
by the foul-mouthed character in Miguel’s video, the voice being done by Nathan
who entered one of his own videos under my name, so if anybody was posing as
anyone, Nathan was totally doing the McGinty Vogue.

6.) Were you surprised at the reveal of Season 2 when Miguel, Nathan, and you
met that one night last year?

In retrospect, no. I would have been surprised if we did something more than
Nathan’s project.

7.) What projects are you currently working on?

A movie, and companion novel called “Dream.” And my first album.
The Pentagon Missiles are up in the air right now (no pun intended.)
And I am supposed to record two songs with Kristen from The Crazy Ivans this

8.) What you change if you could go back and do all of Season 2 over again?

I don’t know that there is much to change. I think we did good work during
the six days of shooting, and I’m sure the rest of the shooting will go well
too. In fairness of answering the question as asked though I will say this: If I
had known that the cushy guard post I had at the time was going to go away
within a month anyway, I would have asked for a couple of days off from my guard
job, so I wouldn’t be so tired while shooting.