May 4th, 2004 Interview with Nathan

By Chris McGinty

May 4th, 2004

I guess just to be some what impromptu, I thought I’d write something for the web site real quick. If my spelling’s atrocious on this one it’s not my falt. It’s Nathan’s keyboard which suffered some structual damage earlier today. It’s 5-4-04 and we are almost done with Episode 2. I’m going to interview Nathan now.

CHRIS: Do yo think that Eisode 1 was fnny?

NATHAN: No. It’s public access nothing is fnny. [Blah Blah…I can’t kee up with him he’s talking too fast. Basically it’s fnny to s becase we were the one’s shooting it.]

CHRIS: Do you think Eisode 2 is funnier.

NATHAN: Oh let me think. No. Eisode 1 was funnier than Eisode 2. I mean even when you consider it against What! Are you writing what we’re talking about. I think the office stuff in Eisode 1 that eole can relate to is what ushes it over the top.

CHRIS: Will you go get me a Dr. eer? (The P key isn’t working well. It’s a ain in the ass.)


I just kind of gave u at some oint of trying to get the keys to work if you hadn’t noticed.

All quotes from Nathan are loosely arahrased.