Sniffles Episode Review

These reviews were written by Miguel’s college roommate, Chris Switzer. He had a Geocities site at the time for movie reviews. He called himself Mr. Pop Culture. In Chris (McGinty)’s opinion these were fair, and probably accurate reviews.

All episodes are rated on the 4 star scale

Episode 1 ***

The pilot episode gets off to a good start to what Chris and Miguel want the show to be. The pre-credit sequence is a 15 min chase scene that is impressive to see that they could keep it going that long. The only other real sketch in the premiere is the one about Chris and Miguel going on a quest to get their clothes washed. All in all, a pretty good start.

Episode 2 ***1/2

This is the best show to date. The reason I say this, it is too bizarre for words. From McGinty’s strange moderator segments to the infamous “Teddy” sketches (the best improvised bit done by them), this is the definitive episode. With a few snags here and there (mostly for the newscaster segments) episode 2 is virtually flawless.

Episode 3 **

This one is a mixed bag. This episode contains sketches that have good intentions, but fall short, either by being poorly concieved or by miscalculated execution.

Episode 4 *

The worst episode to date and wouldn’t you figure it, this is the show I appear on. With the exception of “Un Nuit” the majority of the sketches are bad, the low point being the shoe sketch, though I liked Miguel’s impersonation of DeNiro in Goodfellas.

Episode 5 ***1/2

The 2nd best episode. The episode consists of a 20 min. short by Miguel and Chris made back in ’95 called The Less You Expect the Better it Will Be. This short is the best short subject Miguel has directed. I’m sure the next show will suck then.

Episode 6 ***

It seems now Miguel and Chris are wandering into the sit-com format which kind of scares me. While it has its flaws, like many of the episodes (like the authenticity of the “Doctor’s office”), I realize that they have no money for set design. But there are nice moments here are there that make it enjoyable. I think though some people in the crew should work on their thespian and improvisation abilities before taking on pronounced roles in the series.