Sniffles FAQ

1. Are you guys on drugs?

Contrary to what you might assume from watching the show neither Chris or I have ever used drugs. In fact neither of us have ever even really been drunk. None of this is to say that we are actively involved in DARE or that we root for those Rock Against Drugs commercials. In fact we seem to have the collective opinion that the ban on drugs is pointless and entirely ridiculous. First and foremost why should anyone have the right to tell anyone how they want to live their life, whether they want to use drugs or not. Secondly, the ban has done nothing to stop the drug trade or the number of people addicted to them.

Why have I never gotten high or even drunk? Well personally it just doesn’t interest me and maybe I’m even slightly afraid of what could happen. Right now as I’m typing this I’m feeling a slight buzz from the nasal decongestant spray I’ve had to use and I can’t say that I like it too much, but it’s the price I have to pay for unblocked breathing passages.

Chris’ big complaint about the whole drug scene is that he has noticed that when his friends start getting into them, they become their entire preoccupation. If they’re not getting high or drunk they’re talking about that time when they did or how they’re going to go about doing it in the near future. And I have to agree with that observation.

Finally drugs don’t give you a sense of humor weird or otherwise.

2. Are you guys fucked up?

Most definitely.

3. What’s with the name Sniffles? Is it supposed to be a cocaine reference?

When we thought of doing the show we needed to come up with a name, so we came up with one. The idea behind the name is that you’re supposed to sniff after you say the name. It’s not “Sniffles.” It’s “Sniffles (sniff!)” And no, it has nothing to do with a love of cocaine or anything like that.