Sniffles Pictures

Okay here are some pictures, granted none of them are from the show, but until I can get some actual scans from the tapes these will have to do. ~Miguel

This is Chris Mcginty, co-creator, prime motivator, and for all intents and purposes head writer of the show. He is very much out of character in this snapshot because is drinking a Slurpee and not a Dr.Pepper.

This is me (or “this is I” for you grammatically correct out there), Miguel Cruz. Although Chris has all the great ideas and is the one who gets everything going, I’m really the brains behind the show. No really. Here are some pictures of me and Nathan in the ‘saber fight’ scene from an unfinished episode of Sniffles.

This is Brian Anthony. He isn’t in the first five episodes as much as he should have been, but since he seems to be the one who gets most of the laughs, we’re trying to make him a bigger part of the show. This picture used to not have all the purple numbers on it, but I made the same mistake that Chris did with Zigee’s picture (see below).

This is Chris Modester. Unlike other Chris’ he can regularly be seen with his children. We’ve tried to make it a point to have him in every episode, but getting him into episode 6 was a complete failure. That’s because he has managed to fall rather severely under the crack of the pussywhip. I know I’m sounding like a hypocrite here, but for this to have happened to Modester…Hell must be a very icy place right now.

This is Joe Russell. Sometimes whenever he’s just hanging around with Brian, we’ll use him in a sketch here and there, just as long as we don’t try to do it in his apartment where all of his distractions, like his guitar, keep him from staying focused on what we’re trying to shoot.

This is Zigee Quin Ashton. All that writing on his face was not done intentionally. Chris keeps the picture in his wallet. One day the wallet got wet and the ink from the paper residing next to Zigee’s photo imprinted itself onto his visage. It was not anything done out of mean spiritedness even though he did call our show a lemon.

This is Jewel, Chris’ new girlfriend.

(UPDATE: They got married, and are probably going to divorce now. They had two children together in the process.)

She is the definitive proof that Chris is going to make good on his ranting that he’s going to divorce Melynie.

(UPDATE: If you look at that last update, there’s really little question about that divorce having happened.)

For two years, he kept saying that he was going to dump her, but I noticed that he never bothered to find another girlfriend, leaving himself open to back with her.

(UPDATE: I don’t know what Miguel was talking about at that point because Chris had a girlfriend named Jennifer in between Melynie and Jewel.)

Jewel made her first and only appearance so far on Episode 6.

(UPDATE: Chris currently has no girlfriend, and doesn’t want applications from White Supremacists.)

This is Christine. She sort of lived in Chris’ apartment which he of shared with his first post-Melynie girlfriend, Jennifer.

(UPDATE: See, told you.)

She makes out with Jennifer in the short 8mm film I made for intermediate film class. Hopefully I’ll get that onto the show as soon as I can get a video transfer of it.

This is Nathan Stout. He can be seen in the saber fight pictures above. He did a lot more work on the show than ever actually showed up in an official episode. He and Chris are now working on a new public access show called According To Whim. It is a spin off of the audio internet show started by Chris and Miguel, which eventually featured Nathan as a frequent co-host.

This is Mike Ratliff to the left of Chris. He was only on the show for about 20 seconds as the guitar playing native in Episode 1. To date he has still yet to see his work.

Unfortunately I don’t have any scans of the other people involved in the show, like Modester.

UPDATE: Miguel forgot to UPDATE this statement when he put the image of Modester up.

Come to think of it I don’t even think we have any images of Modester other than what’s on my videotapes.

UPDATE: Another moving on of technology. When Miguel did this site, we had to get physical pictures of people, and scan them into the computer. Now we could just digitize the video, and do screen captures of literally everybody straight from the show. Nathan recently did such screen captures from ATW Season 2, and even if we wanted stills, with digital cameras it’s easy enough to take snapshots on set, and just throw them up onto the site.