A Quick One Before I Head Off to Work

by Chris McGinty

Yeah, that guy does resemble me in more than one way. It looks like he’s better built though. Using my deductive reasoning, I’m thinking I’m probably smarter, you know, cos he looks better. Well, sort of. I mean, I’m cuter, clearly, but…

Listen, I haven’t watched it yet, because I don’t know when and where to watch it. Do you own it? Can I borrow it? Why haven’t you watched “Living in Oblivion” yet? I’m sure it’s not as true to life, but it does deal with some of the issue one faces when making a movie, even when one has financial backing.

Also, I haven’t watched it, because like with money, I’m great at managing time, but only when I have more coming in than going out. Speaking of which, while I’m at work tonight, I’m going to write my next blog which will probably be titled, “Why Nathan is a Bad Consumer and Why His Current Credit Card Dilemma is All His Fault and Why the Fuck Isn’t Miguel Posting, Oh Yeah, Because He’s Miguel and While We’re on the Subject, I Got a Notification of Your Last Blog, Did You Fix Something? (Part One),” although that’s a working title.

In case you skimmed past the title, I asked a direct question in there. Answer it. Oh, and I recently looked up the rule for passed and past. If passed is the verb, like “I passed the library on the way to the book store,” then, well you see. Where as if I say, “I drove past the library on the way to the book store,” well, again you see. The verb there is drove, so well, you see. It means I have to go through much of my writing and check myself.

Alright, going to work now.

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