According To Whim… The Legend

Ok, I posted a comment to your final argument Chris, so read it.
Next to everyone else…

I just wanted to give you an update to According To Whim Season 2.
Things have been going slow but they have been going.

Chris and I shot the club scene last week and that leaves less than a page of shots to complete. Still quite a bit of editing but Episode 1 is almost done. Not sure if I will be able to get Chris’ job scene done. I might have to just give the camera to Chris again since we can’t seem to get together often enough.

I told everyone (who was listening) that I wanted to finish shooting by Ocotober 1st. I am guess that is not going to happen. Who knows after I get back in town Chris might free up some time and we can do this.

Either way, the majoity of the show is done so that is SOMETHING.

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