I’ll Make Everyone Happy and STFU

by Chris McGinty

Although I’m falling into your paradox trap here – I do not argue the exact opposite of anything someone else argues. I actually wrote a blog about this on My Space, but whatever. I’ll give you the simple version of it. Truly unique thought scares people.

I’m not trying to say that I’m some sort of misunderstood genius. I actually have a pretty low IQ if the truth be known. What I have though is an unwillingness to accept a whole lot at face value. My roommates believe me to be some extremist right wing free market guy, so it’s funny that you’ve placed me on the far left. I’m giving you both the same argument, and you’re convinced that I’m at the extreme opposite end of each of your beliefs.

I will try to clarify my position, but you’ll have to really remove the partisan shades and read what I write.

I am simply looking for open-minded discussion of an issue. You’re right about one thing:

“…what I said were my beliefs and it was pointless to argue them because I wasn’t trying to sway anyone…”

And here’s the sad fact. After reading your thoughts, I actually thought it would be pointless to post my beliefs, because they would be written to someone who can’t even step far enough out of his cocoon of beliefs to get some facts. And if for nothing else, about that I was right.

I liken it to Loren’s statement, “Universal health care is the ONLY way to go. Nothing else will work.”

But whatever. I’m sorry that so many people I know don’t get it. And I guess I’ll just shut the fuck up. Because my leftist hippie ideal world of businesses communicating for the good of profits and customer benefit is actually the right wing ideal of free market capitalism with moral restraint. According to you it can’t work because it’s leftist. According to my roommates it can’t work because it’s on the far right. So what the fuck ever.

You can all continue to believe that I’m just trying to piss on your parades, rather than considering for one moment that I may have done some reading, some listening, some viewing, and then sat down and thought through what I learned (you know, thought for myself, rather than blindly following.)

You’re all right: Nathan, Loren, Miguel, and all my other detractors; I just argue to be an asshole.

So I’ll stop being an asshole…

1 thought on “I’ll Make Everyone Happy and STFU

  1. Chris, please believe me when I say that being a conservative (not a Republican, as you KEEP insisting, remeber how I vote) does not make me heartless. I would love for everyone to live in peace and harmony, have full, free health care, etc… but being a conservative means I accept that that is mainly fiction no matter which party tries it. I think that they (conservatives and liberals) should find some middle ground on all issues but when you have super majoritites things can get crazy and I don't like it. Quite frankly I think the Clinton years worked well while there was a Republican congress and Democrat Whitehouse. That balance is what keeps the US afloat and keeps us out of 'too much trouble'.
    No one asked you to STFU, I am just defending my statements.
    Loren on the other hand is trying to argue his point to make you understand that HE knows what's right. I am not. I am a nobody but it makes me feel good that you 'argue' with me. That means I least matter to someone. Thanks.
    PS. I just saw your message's timestamp, don't you ever sleep?

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