Help Obiwan-Bush-obi youre my only hope.

Not mad. It’s hard to hear you when you will argue for the sake of arguing (no matter what the topic you will find the opposing side and argue for it).

Ok. let’s get on with it…

In actuality there are no human rights. Let’s clear the air. No matter how hard you argue, the argument of ‘rights’ is simply one of philosophy. Rights can be given by a government’s law, but there are no ‘human rights’. Do you agree this to be an empirical fact? Let’s move on…

Do you remember our scene in ATW season 2 where I argue that more benefits to the poor or unemployed only make them more comfortable and once you are living comfortably enough, why pursue a job? Same thing here. Not hard to put 2 and 2 together.

I don’t want Universal health care, public or private, Obama or otherwise… remember I don’t care that not everyone has healthcare.

I don’t care how ‘corrupt’ the insurance companies are. I don’t have anyway to defend it because it not a statement I have to defend. I don’t care. I am not making an opinion on the matter… simple enough.

I doesn’t affect me. It might in the future but it doesn’t now. I go to the doc, get my checkups, get my blood pressure medicine, pay my copays and I am done. Isn’t much, so I don’t care. Will I care if I need something major down the road and it’s really expensive? Maybe but I will need it so I will pay it. If I can’t pay it I will simply do what Chris does, intend to do the best I can to pay and it and go on with life.

You say I am wrong when I say I believe most people don’t care not everyone is covered… As much as I am forced to believe all the absolute truths that lay all around me on the interweb your polls are too close to close down my argument. I still believe people don’t TRULY, HONESTLY care.

I still believe the government programs are run badly and nothing will change. Sure there are private businesses that are run badly too… THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS (unless congress throws our money at them). Just because there are bad business in the private sector doesn’t negate my statement.

Yes I was against private bailouts. Your point is useless.

Finally in your stunning study from the Lewis Cannon Group I can’t comment properly cause I don’t quite understand what it means. If you are saying the government program did financially better than the private program… who cares. I don’t want to have to buy my insurance through the government.

Ok, your final statement REALLY REALLY either showed your RAVING liberal side or you were just trying to get attention.

If the insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals would sit in a field of sunflowers, smoked a peace pipe, dance around, hugging each other they would come up with a solution to … ‘just make enough to stay in business’. Ha! Go back to the 60’s hippie!

As nice and liberal as it sounds, it’s a crock. That’s as much fantasy as Peter Pan. Get real.

I think we both know that the real issue is PUNISHMENT OF THE INSURANCE COMPANIES for making money.

If they want to make things more affordable (which they don’t, that’s just the guise for the power grab) they would just regulate health costs.

Their chant of ‘insurance insurance insurance’ means nothing. It has nothing to do with the issue.

Insurance does not equal Healthcare. They are two very different things.

Why doesn’t the government just drop all this other crap and focus on the 5% of (unwillingly) uninsured Americans? That’s what they KEEP GOING ON ABOUT but why add all this other stuff in there?

Free medical care for the poor, that’s what’s it’s supposed to be about (at least that’s what Obama keeps saying).

Also, don’t the poor already have free health care in Medicaid; why not just expand on it (if they feel they absolutely have to expand SOMETHING).

If that doesn’t work, they can simply go into the ER and get free medical care. They don’t have to pay that bill. They just walk in and walk out.

Oh man. Chris I know you love to argue for the fact of arguing but really most of the stuff in my original post was what I said were my beliefs and it was pointless to argue them because I wasn’t trying to sway anyone, I was just stating what my beliefs were. Oh well, this will make a good next book I guess.

PS. While spell checking when spellchecker came to Obama the suggested word was Osama…
Hey… I report, you decide.

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