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The camera sits here on my desk, watching me. It’s a Canon XL2 and the tape in it has video on it. I need that video. It has:

  • Secret Agent Man Intros/Outros
  • Guitar Music for the club scene
  • Some other junk

I need to get that off there but I can’t seem to make myself do it. It’s basically a laziness thing but I have a problem with laziness.


“Hi, my name is Nathan and I’m a lazy bastard.”

“Hi Nathan.”

Well I think that’s the way those meetings go. I think my issue is the issue of the world. I think the entire human race would be so much more advanced, happy, content, etc if there was a cure for laziness (no I am not talking about Heroine).

Chris calls it ‘the comfort zone’ after a bunch of book he has read. But I think it’s basically the same thing. There is a little bit of a difference but not much. If you cured laziness you cured 99% of the ‘comfort zone’ issue.

The Canon XL2 is a miniDV camera (the tiny tapes). I wish it had a hard drive to record the footage. That would make it SOOOOOOO much easier. I am sure by the time I get around to buying another camera the XL2 will have a hard drive in it.

Not only is the camera watching me, the external hard drive is watching me too. There are hours of editing to do on Season 2 to finish and I can’t seem to get going on it.

I did finally post some of the season 2 videos up to a:) stop people whining b:) help motive me to get something done… I am not sure it worked.

I think some interaction (friendly emails, etc) from people would help. So email me some encouragement. It’s a great show. Really it is. I mean, take a look at this crap below. sure, it’s funny but it shows you what a typical Public Access TV show is. Watch it then tell yourself our show is not nearly that bad…

*So the missing file here is David Liebe Hart. It was his comedy stuff parading as religious programming. Funny stuff. Go search him on youtube. He was also on Eric and Tim Awesome Show.

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