Germany hates us, YouTube loves us.

Germany hates us. They love their beloved Louis Armstrong and hate us American-stealing pig-dogs.

A couple of weeks ago I log into my YouTube account to look at some settings to figure out video formats (see yesterday’s blog). What do my eyes see but a notice that YouTube has placed on my account (it’s all cut up so it fit’s here).

Oh no! What DID I do?!!!!

Well YouTube is chock-full of video where some tween has put Evenance (or whatever) music over some crap they did so I am guessing this message isn’t all that uncommon with YouTube uploaders.

I click on the link…

The Professor of Dirt Halloween Special is staring me right in the face. Ohhhhhh. I see. Louis Armstrong’s ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ is on that video. If you haven’t see it, it’s a fantastic video with an unexpected touching montage at the end to the music of that song. Go look, it’s great.

The notice says the the video has been blocked to viewers in Germany…


Ok, I am thinking to myself that someone in Germay watched it and was offended or something… idk. Well I brush it off and go about my business. At least I know I have done something in mylife time that has been banned by SOMEONE… heck, a whole nation. And I didn’t even have to make it involve necrophbilia, animal torture, or something similar. SCORE!

Flashforward to last month. I am re-uploading a few of my older videos to the new fantastic format I discovered that makes the videos look great on YouTube (see last blog again). I happen to upload The Professor of Dirt Halloween Special.


I get an emial within 2 minutes of the upload stating that I have a video that might contain a copyright violation. I click on the link and there is the professor again.

So apparently I didn’t offend Germay. The YouTube system must auto-detect music in videos and it sends those emails out as soon as it detects it. I am guessing that they have some sort of international agreement with Germany to block any videos on YouTube that might have copyrighted music in them. This makes me think…

US Version of YouTube = 495,000,000 Videos **** German Version = 5 Videos

Finally I wondered to myself why would YouTube not just dump my video to avoid any legal mess thay might get into with Sony (the copyright holders of the song). Well the answer to that question happened upon me just a little while ago.

YouTube is trying to make money off me.

If you go to the Professor of Dirt Halloween Special you will see a nice little link under the video that says:

Oh really…

I find this VERY interesting.

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