Planning Season 3

Season 3 is just around the corner. Chris has been mentioning it more and more over the last couple of months. I’m not too sure why since season 2 isn’t finished.

Season 2 just has some bits here and there to finish and a crap load of editing so as far as Chris is concerned Season 2 or ‘Nathan’s show’ is done.

Season 3 was conceived in Boston (Lexington actually). I was on a training trip (getting certified in something IT-ish) and I thought I would do some writing since I was pretty bored after class each day.

What I wanted to do with season 3 was to go back to a more ‘sketch based’ show. I enjoyed the small sketches as opposed to a larger story. My theory is that people enjoy short bits that don’t require a lot of time or investment of thought. That might be a mean statement but I think it’s true. I know I do.

As it turns out I blended the two styles in writing the first episode. It is basically a full storyline but filled with sketches.

Season 3 is really the original Season 2. We had planned out the story arc of season 2 in 2006 and even shot the first part of the first episode. We dropped the ball and it sort of died away.

Well that story arc will be happening now and it will mix it up abit by filling in sketches we had planned on doing and dropped for whatever reason. Season 3 will be a real mish-mash but it will have a little cohesion. It will basically pickup where season 1 left off. Chris and Nathan have basically ‘broken up’ and try to reconcile.

Miguel figures heavily in the story so it will be a real challenge to get him involved.

If you are interested in being apart of the show (in almost any capacity) drop me an email and I’ll contact you.

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