Chris Participates in the Daily Blog; Film at Eleven

by Chris McGinty
I’ve been getting hate mail and suchlike from my good pal Nathan about the fact that I haven’t contributed to the daily blog yet, so I thought perhaps I should check in. Then I procrastinated a couple of days. Then I thought perhaps I should check in, again.

I guess I should give a quick explanation, mostly for Nathan’s benefit, but please, be my guest and stick around through the paragraph. I went to Nathan’s last Thursday, and he was all like, “Well old chap, we should start writing a daily blog fo’ shizzle.” So I was like, “Ok, sounds good.” He suggested we do one of our co-written blogs, see February 4, 2010. The problem is that I didn’t understand that he meant, “Let’s start the daily thing right this minute.” So I thought nothing of it for a couple of days until I went looking for our new picture shoot, and noticed that Nathan had been slaving away in blog land. That’s when the posts to the private group, and assailing me on Facebook, started. I exaggerate, but oh well.

I’m unclear if this means Nathan has the day off since I’m posting. To me that would make sense. We only need one blog a day to be daily, right? I do most of my work overnight, so I imagine that if I haven’t posted by afternoon or evening that Nathan can write one. I guess we’ll see. Oh, the suspense.

I wasn’t trying to shirk my duty. I might have been succeeding, but I wasn’t trying. Sometimes Nathan mistakenly believes that because I’m doing nothing measurable for ATW that I’m not doing anything at all for ATW, or for that matter anything at all in general. He might be right this last week, but not normally. I do a lot of stuff with varying degrees of usefulness.

So given that I’m posting up for Thursday, we’re getting together tonight for our weekly meeting. I’m not totally sure what direction we’re going for this year yet. Clearly we’re finishing up Season Two, and starting Season Three, but it seems like after a month of meetings we’d know more about this.

Nathan mentioned in one of his blogs, cos I have been reading them, that he’s not so sure why I’m all about doing Season Three when Season Two isn’t in the toilet y… what? oh yer right… the phrase is in the can. You knew what I meant. So if nothing else I guess I’ll make this blog an explanation of why we’re starting on Season Three now.

Much of the work that is left on Season Two is editing. Nathan mentioned this in his blog as well. There are a few script-specific things left to shoot, but all the extra bits that may or may not be shot will be contingent on knowing if there is time to fill, which in turn requires the editing to be done. Waiting to start on Season Three for this process to be completed would cause a needless delay.

Further, the concept behind the Season (originally supposed to be Season Two) was to have a basic storyline, which we do, and to start shooting sequentially. The reason to do this was to account for Nathan’s possible move, which did happen. Oddly, we’ll be accounting for that possibility now too. But more importantly was the idea that we would know when an episode was done because we would run out of time, much like the audio show when we used tapes. There would be none of this creating filler. It would be included in the process already.

The idea was that if we got together once a week and did what it was possible to do that the process would be more defined, but less burdened by requirement. I’m not sure how this will work out in the long run, but we’ll see. Nathan started writing the scripts for the shows a few months back, proving that he doesn’t comprehend the process, but we’ll deal with that later. It’s been over four years since I explained the process to him He may have just forgot.

For now I’d like to say that it has come to my attention since I started this that it has snowed. I’m not sure what this means for the meeting tonight. Hopefully it will clear up before then. If not we might have to move it to the weekend.

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