I Can’t Believe it’s Not Sunday

by Chris McGinty

I’m not sure how Nathan is doing the daily blog. I somehow didn’t see the ICBINY blog before. Are you fudging the chronology, Nathan?

Anyway, we here at ATW took the day off for Valentine’s Day. Or maybe it was because it was Sunday and we were pretending to be a government office. Or maybe we both spaced it out.

Either way, I thought I’d check in real quick and say that there are some other rules to ICBINY. I’ma have to get the location of the program from Nathan and play it for a while and figure out what it was. Think is there’s another game called Zonk that I played with my former roommates, and it was a very similar game, but had enough differences that it’s a bad thing if the two blur in my head. This… this… this, right here… is why I try to archive everything and keep ample notes. Cos one day you wake up and realize you no longer remember how to play that stupid game that really wasn’t so stupid, and gave you hours of listening pleasure, provided you were jamming Erasure and occasionally trying to make Nathan realize that he’s a Talk Talk fan as you played.

This is not by any means a great blog, but I’m tired. It’s 7:09 am, and I’m going to bed. This will free Nathan up to do his Skipping Blog, or Frog, or whatever today rather than this one. And when I come back tomorrow or whenever, I’ll be back in form. Presumably.

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