Spring Break

by Chris McGinty
I think maybe it was Spring Break for me and Nathan last week, instead of this week. We got off to a really bad start on our ten-weeks goals. I know that we’re not going to slack that way for the rest of this goal period. In that way, I have nothing incredibly interesting to report from our first week. But read on anyway.

The question came up recently about participation in this blog. There are 71 blogs listed on our Dashboard. Of those the break down is like this:

Nathan 42
Chris 26
Wade 2
Chris & Nathan 1

Since we started doing this as a daily blog the break down is like this:

Nathan 26
Chris 17
Chris & Nathan 1

These are not counting this blog I’m currently writing and Nathan has 5 drafts that have not been posted up yet and I have one draft, making the participation, not counting today and only counting the onset of the daily blog, something more like this:

Nathan 21
Chris 16
Chris & Nathan 1

I’d say pretty even.

We did our second Ustream show, and I’ll have to get Nathan to point me to the location so I can link it. This one was probably not as good as the first, cos we lacked any subject matter it seemed.

Nathan began his ten-weeks goals sort of at a good pace. He met with a realtor about selling his house, and he took his Volkswagen Beetle in to be looked at. I suggested in our blog topics that maybe he could keep everyone updated as to how his quest for a drivable Beetle is going, which brings me to my great contribution last week. I did a mini-brainstorming of possible topics for us to write about in this blog, so we don’t run out of ideas anytime soon. My minor contribution was I looked a little bit for an Information Society CD that Nathan needs a new copy of, but neither place I looked had one.

We are supposed to start shooting on Season Three this week. We’re having an intellectual schism about the production. It’s pretty much that Jack Sprat wants to over organize the production, and his wife wants to keep it from getting bogged down with actor/directors who can’t break away from life long enough to help.

Of course, the ideal meeting place is some place in between. Nathan pointed out that two of the scripted segments would be easier to shoot at the same time, and that’s fine. Just the same as the “non-story” segments can be shot in whatever order we want. My concern is getting to say Episode Six and not getting anything done for days, weeks, months, and years just because our original outline was Miguel heavy. By keeping the script open to change we can entirely write out the Miguel segment if need be, or put it off indefinitely if need be. My feeling is that by doing so we can create a more regular schedule for episode production, and create a consistency with our output.

If it makes sense to have a daily blog, then it makes sense to have a new episode every ten weeks, maybe stepping up production to two in a ten week period when we have enough reserve material, and making our release schedule six episodes a year. It’s an issue of pacing, because over the years our pacing has been best described as sporadic, and I would simply enjoy it if we could call it consistent.

So everyone enjoy your Spring Break. I’m hoping that ours is already over.

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