The Whimmy

by Nathan Stout

Every great organization needs an award to present… the Whimmy is ours.

The Whimmy is not just an award, it’s a promotional tool. Not just for us here at According to Whim but to the winners as well.

To Cap off this weeks ‘contest theme’ I wanted to tell you about a new feature here at According to Whim, the Whimmy.

The Whimmy is the brain child of a think tank of super genius’ located deep in a bunker in the Arizona desert. Not really. It was me.

I thought to myself… what can I do for According to Whim that would make it get some more notice and become not only the creative behemoth we wish it to be but a ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ concept as well? I came up with the Whimmy. The Whimmy wasn’t the initial name for the project. I considered ‘The According to Whim Award’, ‘The Whimmer‘, as well as ‘The Whimmy‘.

I posted these suggestions on our Yahoo! Group (According to Business – which you can’t be apart of unless you are apart of that said super genius think tank) and got a positive vote by Chris who loved the term Whimmy.

I created several logos for the Whimmy (including designs based on the various other names I mentioned above) and put them on the site. After Chris told me he liked Whimmy I changed a few of them to reflect this. Click here for the page and the graphics.

The Whimmy award is cheap and an easy way to promote us (and those who win it). Basically it works like this… We pick (each month) a website, blog, and video that we at According to Whim really like. We then award them a Whimmy. They can then put the Whimmy award on their site and tell the world how great and cool they are. The image links back to us and on our page we show a listing of the winners of the award. There are 3 winners each month for 12 months then at the end of the year we pick the best of the best (out of the previous winners) in each of the categories and award the yearly Whimmy. Then out of those 3 finalist we award the ‘Golden Whimmy‘. This is basically the best of the best of the best.

The winners are listed on our site with links to their content and *hopefully those winners have linked back to us.

Chris is very good about finding great content on the web so I don’t think it will be too hard to find winners each and every month in the 3 categories.

We will also take suggestions as to which sites/blogs/videos to look at so if you think someone deserves a Whimmy, please email us!

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