Oh my blog… what’s this?!

by Chris McGinty and
by Nathan Stout

Today we are doing a joint blog. I know you are probably rolling your eyes at the thought but stay with us for a bit here…

Chris: Nathan wanted me here at noon, so that’s why I was here promptly here at 3PM.
Nathan: I swear Chris said he was about to leave and he showed up at my door 2 hours later. I just don’t know where the time-warp is off of 287 (or I-35).
Chris: And I was drunk.
Nathan: You’ve never been drunk. Have you?
Chris: Why just today. Blasted out of my mind.
Nathan: On what?
Chris: (silent)
Nathan: That’s what I thought. Anyway, we started shooting Season 3, Episode 1 today (after a one week delay). It began a little rough, but by the time I was wrestling with the fish, we were rolling along nicely.
Chris: I’m not really sure why he couldn’t wait until I left.
Nathan: That’s the monkey, not the fish.
Chris: No you spank monkeys, you wrestle with fish.
Nathan: (silent)
Chris: That’s what I thought.
Nathan: Anyway we needed six total minutes of footage (since we missed the three from last week).
Chris: Ummmm.
Nathan: But before that we played a little NetRunner. You can read about the game here (not THE game we just played but NetRunner in general). I won.
Chris: Ummmm.
Nathan: Then we shot the footage then we broke for another game of NetRunner. Oh, but before that we ate sandwiches for dinner.
Chris: They were pretty tasty.
Nathan: Blue skies, Barthy burgers, girls!
Chris: And that’s the news up to this hour. You have your obscure reference, and I have mine.
Nathan: I happen to know it’s from the beginning of a Bong Water song.
Chris: Bongwater is one word.
Nathan: Bong Water.
Chris: No, you have to uhhhh.
Nathan: Bongwater.
Chris: It was nice talking to you folks.
Nathan: Bye.

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