Saving the Daily (Don’t Put Off ‘til Tomorrow What You Can Do Todaily)

by Chris McGinty

Before I left out for work I posted up a blog to the daily blog on the subject of our trouble recently in getting the posts up. I was in a hurry. I gave myself three minutes to type as much as I could type just to get something posted. I’d like to take this time now to discuss what is going on, and Nathan can tell me if he agrees.

When this blog started Nathan had been doing his Flipping Skog Brog, and as I remember was doing a pretty good job of posting most days. I have to admit that I’ve done a horrible job of keeping up with it. I have accordingtowhim .com set as my home page, so the first thing I do each day is check the daily blog, unless I already posted before bed. This is when I discover whether Nathan has posted and if so I read. I think that Nathan’s Slipping Flog Brog is linked from the ATW website, but if it was right below the daily, I think I would remember to check it. Just saying.

We didn’t really write as much as we could have, so I think it pushed Nathan to suggest a daily blog. I was all for it because it keeps us writing. There are a number of things I should do when I get up in the afternoon. I should check the blog, check my email, post to our private group, check My Space (maybe) and then Facebook (where all the cool people are… apparently.) As I do these things I should write my six pages for the day, minus anything I may have already written out at my job. This amongst many other things; but if I do this much each day I’ll be far ahead of myself as goal completion goes.

I’m trying to discuss the blog though. I probably would be giving Nathan shit, but he does honestly have a lot going on right now, and my issue if that I seem to have started a lot of blogs for the daily that have not been completed. I did ten prompt questions from a random generator, and gave myself the length of two songs to write as much as I could about each. I haven’t gone back to clean any of those up. I wrote the start of a blog out here at my post, and could have posted it last night, but it wasn’t done, and it would have taken me longer to finish it than write what I wrote. I think. Perhaps I should have tried.

To make matters worse, I actually spent about an hour or so writing a longer piece for the daily last night, which you’ll see when the time is right. Don’t worry that time is soon. It was at the neglect of doing yesterday’s though. Bad Chris! I sort of forgot to check in.

So here’s what I think needs to happen. I think Nathan and I need to both write three standby blogs to have ready to post if we don’t have time. I think we need to do our best never to use them unless we replace them the following day. One of my big issues is that I’m usually trying to be current with what I’m thinking, but I don’t have to be. Three standbys. No use of current information. I know I can do this. I should get to it. Also we need to have our brainstorming session that we didn’t have a couple of weeks ago.

We gotta check ourselves, Nathan. We’re getting bogged down, and the simple act of refocusing will fix it. And we can keep this daily blog going, along with our other goals.

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