Christopher McGinty – Heir Apparent

by Nathan Stout

I can’t find him on the family tree but I know he has to be there…

I have been a long time fan of Benjamin Franklin. He has to be one of the most awesome guys in history. So much so that I have convinced my wife to name our first boy Benjamin Franklin Stout (seriously).

This guy created so much in his lifetime that people still study him to this day. Ever been to a library? Yeah, that was Benjamin Franklin’s doing!

One thing that amazes me is his focus on self improvement. He was the first ‘self help guru’! He was all about making rules and lists for yourself to follow to improve yourself…

Hummm sounds like someone I know.

He was all about self promoting too. When he gave himself the goal of winning the post master position in Philadelphia he put in place a ten year plan to self promote with his own newspaper, network with other to promote, create content to promote, and eventually bring down his competition with all of these he succeeded.

Sounds like someone I know…

Benjamin Franklin wrote… alot. He never went to college but that didn’t stop him from being a successful writer. He wrote for other and he wrote for himself.
Sounds like someone I know…

Benjamin Franklin was a life long self improver and promoter. From his days as a shopkeeper (sounds familiar) to his life in the political sphere of influence (sounds familiar, I voted for him for president).

Franklin stood for everything that America became (before it was even America). For this reason I have called him the ‘Ultimate American’. In a day and age where people look up to rap singers and sports stars it makes me sad to think that Benjamin Franklin sits in his place in history largely overlooked by the people of today.

I get a little taste of Franklin when I am around Chris. True, Chris can often get sidetracked by his crazy life but for the most part I see much that I have read about in Franklin’s persona in Chris.

If you have never read about Franklin I suggest you do. The man really did stand out in his time and (in my opinion) was one of the main reasons America rose to the heights that it did.

On a final note did you know that Franklin not only invented the public library but he also invented the lightning rod, franklin stove, and the battery!?

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