Stoutkiller’s Card of the Day: Death from Above

Nathan and I got together for our Thursday Meeting last night, and continued our work on Season Three.

It all started out with me waking up to Nathan calling on the phone, and if I was a more sensitive person I might think he was asking me if I forgot that it was Thursday. That’s not exactly what he said though. And for the record, I totally remembered that it was Thursday when the recycling bins were being collected, and mine wasn’t out there. I just didn’t associate that with getting up in a few hours and going to Nathan’s.

We ate dinner. Then he mowed the front yard, and I mowed the back. Well, he at least suggested it. We wet down to his storage shed and got the props we would be using for the “Stout Man” character. Yeah, that’s what I said. You still don’t understand. What if I said, “STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!?!”

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. We discussed another character that we plan on unveiling later in the season, unless we don’t. This is According To Whim after all. And I had to give Nathan some grief cos he was like, “See it’s a good thing to hold on to junk, cos you never know when you might need it for a prop.” And well, he used to have a pinball machine, and we kind of need it for a prop, but he sold it. Pack rats of the world unite!

Anyway, we got to shooting, after a little script brainstorming, and Nathan had written in that the Nathan character gets hit in the head with a brick or other heavy object. He jokingly said, maybe it could be the Season Two script folder.

Well it was on. I only wish that the shot would have worked better, but with editing should look alright. We set up the shot in a Death from Above angle, and when Nathan open the cabinet I gave it a little push to make sure it fell, and it landed right on the bridge of his nose, and just kept on going. Ouch!

It wasn’t too bad, but his nose is scraped up pretty bad. It didn’t bleed at all, which is too bad, cos it would have added an even higher sense of realism, since he really got injured. Yes, folks, when I direct, I want blood!

So far I think what we shot has been fun. Nathan promised he would get it all edited by next week’s meeting to make sure we don’t need any pick up shots, and because part of this ten-weeks goal is that the episode is done, not just shot. You like that? I just dropped words in his mouth, much the same way I dropped a script in his face.

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