Lesser Talk about a Laptop

by Chris McGinty

I admit that I’m just trying to get a quick post done today. I started a post one night, and didn’t really get it done. So I’d like you to read that now, and then I’ll expand on the thoughts with two weeks worth of perspective. When I say that this is some exciting stuff, I totally have my fingers crossed behind my back; although the movie review embedded in there is pretty good.

3-30-10 4:46 pm My New Laptop…

… got soda spilled on it immediately! It wasn’t a ruinous amount though, just a little on the top while it was closed. It still just kind of figures. I didn’t get a blog posted last night. Nathan may just have to fudge the time signature. This isn’t technically wrong, because he has three blogs written and ready to go. Posting them a little late ain’t such a bad thing since they were ready.

It seems like even though I had time to get ready for this here job thing, that I found myself forgetting things, like the food I prepared for out here. Luckily, I had some snack stuff in the truck.

My first great action with the laptop, since I couldn’t get it to connect to either of the two unsecured signals, was to watch a movie called “Once.”

I really enjoyed it. It’s about a songwriter. It seems to spend an awful lot of the movie showcasing the songs, but that’s not too big a deal if you like the songs, which I do. There was a little awkward dialogue in there, but I think that’s my only complaint. It doesn’t have a typical Hollywood ending, but it has an ending that I felt made sense based on what we as the audience know about the characters. It’s nice seeing a movie pay attention to the wants and needs of its characters rather than forcing something that doesn’t fit. And he does something a little grandiose for those of you who need a little over the top romanticism, but even that doesn’t detract from it. I sort of walked away from the movie realizing that neither character is likely to be happy, but that they made the choices the were likely to make.

I sorted some Cyberpunk cards while I was watching, and I guess what amazes me is how many TV shows and movies I will probably end up watching going through all those boxes. So I guess some folks need to make me a list of good stuff, so I can get to it.

And back to the present…

… I have to go get a battery for the laptop. While I watched most of that movie before having to charge the laptop, and then got through most of “Freedom Writers” one following night, before having to charge it; lately, I’m getting about twelve minutes into a movie before having to charge it again.

This is really a small price to pay for a laptop I got for free, so I’m not by any means upset about it. My concern is that I’ll buy a new battery only to discover that there is something wrong with the laptop. I guess that’s worst case scenario action though.

I’ll probably do a review of some of the movies I’ve watched recently. But not here. Just trying to get this posted real quick.

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