I am not a robot!

by Nathan Stout

Why is it every time I talk about ANYTHING political Miguel and Chris’ first comment about what I have to say is either:

Is that what Rush Limbaugh said on his show?


Was that Drudge said?

Arrrgggg! I have stated time and time again that I don’t listen to Rush and what is on the The Drudge Report is not what Drudge says, all he does is post links to news stories!

Now no matter what I say Chris will argue the opposite side for his own sake. Miguel has sort of faded into the masses after his woman Hillary lost the primary. I think he lost all hope in the political system when she was dissed by so many who backed her husband. Now Miguel can only tell you what he heard in passing on NPR or something. He is somewhat unfocused on the issues of the day.

I will admit I am conservative in most things but as I have stated many many times in the past I am not a lock step Republican. This should be obvious by my willingness to vote for this man for president. I do believe you can be conservative and not be a Palin/Rush/Beck lover.

I think Washington should be ‘rebooted’. This nation has a pretty good constitution and it has worked fairly well for more than 200 years but money and power has gotten in the way (that’s my opinion). Chris thinks its the media (which might be the case) and it might be all of the above but something has gone sour in that barrel and the whole thing needs to be cleaned out.

Washington is like a huge machine that has gone out of control spinning, twirling, and capering about. It has stopped working for the people and needs to be (like I said before in the most awesome NetRunner term: ‘Rebooted).

How is something like that going to happen? Well it will be the voters that will have to fix it. That’s what they are there for. We can’t expect Washington to fix itself (as it often says it will do in just about commerical trying to get your vote). I have given up on Washington doing that. It’s all a big sham. I have given up on the idea of someone going into politics to fix things and do right by the people that put them there.

Maybe that’s the real issue and not money, power, or media… The real issue is that our elected leaders have totally forgotten that they are to represent what their constituents want, NOT THEIR PARTY.

Representative Government… not found on Rush, Beck, Drudge, or NPR.

3 thoughts on “I am not a robot!

  1. I know what you mean Nathan. Anytime I spouted off something in a conservative vein, Chris always accused me of getting it off Rush. Ok, I don't watch or listen to Rush. Never have. Lou Dobbs show I used to watch, sometimes Glen Beck and not just because he's a Mormon. Are you a Mormon? I don't watch Hannity really. I'm usually watching Hill Street Blues when he comes on. Ann Coulter is alright but dont' keep up with her. Have not read her books and don't plan on it. On radio, I usually listen to Mark Levin or Michael Savage, not Rick Savage, he's from Def Leppard. LOL. But I was watching Dave Ramsey, I usually watch Clark Howard or Suze Orman but they weren't on at that time. Anyway, Dave Ramsey said something that I find interesting that kinda goes against Chris' grain. Dave said "nobody that ever got financially independant or rich did so thru govt. entitlement programs. Like WIC or food stamps or Section 8 or paying taxes." Now I know raising a family is expensive, even trying to do it on the cheap. But I'm just repeating what Dave Ramsey said and since Chris seems to be a Dave Ramsey devotee. Not that Chris probably gives a rats ass what my opinions are and probably hates me. I'm just saying, Chris seems to be such a liberal but yet wants financial freedom and you can't have it both ways. This country is not going to accomplish that by spending their way to prosperity And where is the $ to come from for all these programs like Obamacare. The $ is just going to fall from the sky. We will all pay higher taxes for it which means less savings for indiviuals to sock away and higher prices for cost of living because everyone's wages will have to go up to support all the govt. programs which when wages rise so does food, gas, house payments, etc. Just making a point.
    Peace out.

  2. I'm sorry, I meant the money isin't just going to fall from the sky. Also our founding fathers were against large centralized govt. Most liberals in this country have a hidden agenda and that is to socialize/nationalize this country and all the companies/industry in it. Here is some proof for you non-believers. Go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrA9zj94NuU .Long live the Gipper!

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