The Birthers ARE Nuts

by Miguel Cruz

Me being Colmes to Nathan’s Hannity, I needed to chime in, in response to Nathan’s defense of the birthers. All I can figure is that when you get all your news from The Rush O’Hannity-Beck Report, you are very likely to come away completely misinformed.

“Obama HAS to be a US citizen to be president (14th Amendment of the Constitution).”

It’s true. Obama has to be a citizen to be president, but that appeared in the constitution nearly 80 years prior to the ratification of the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment clarifies who gets to be a citizen: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

“No one has yet to lay eyes on the birth certificate”

No one except the director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, some guys from who photographed themselves handling the document, and the millions of people who saw the scan issued by the Obama campaign on their website. Other than that no one has seen it.

“Hawaii ‘sealed’ the birth certificate stating it was a privacy issue (so only the family could obtain a copy).”

Weeeellll…they just don’t give a copy to anyone who comes off the street asking for one. Hawaii state law bars the release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest in it. As an experiment go to Dallas County and get a copy of my daughter’s birth certificate. Oh that’s right. You can’t. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services website:

“For births that occurred within the past 75 years, copies can be requested only by the immediate family of the person whose name is on the birth certificate. If you are not an immediate family member, you must provide legal documentation, such as court order establishing guardianship, that documents a direct and tangible interest in the birth certificate.”

Maybe you will have better luck getting my Illinois birth certificate. Oh yeah you can’t get that either unless you’re me or are my parent or legal guardian. Maybe I’ll have better luck getting Chris’ birth certificate from Delaware or wherever he was born. Hmmm the application is asking how I’m related to him. Something tells me this isn’t unique to just Hawaii. Or maybe there is some vast conspiracy from state to state where they all uniformly changed their rules regarding access to birth certificates so as to make Hawaii’s refusal to give out Barrack’s birth certificate a lot less suspect.

“Many people question this.”

Which they wouldn’t if they actually looked into getting a birth certificate that is not their own or of a close relative.

“Or they can’t find it (and that’s why they released the live birth certificate)”

Live birth meaning that the doctor and hospital are certifying that a living baby was born in that hospital on that date at that time rather than a dead baby. Some jurisdictions issue certificates for babies who are stillborn. The fact that it says “live birth” doesn’t mean that it’s a different document than some other birth certificate. All the birth certificates that you are likely ever to have seen are not the original source documents, the ones that were prepared by the hospital and filed with the county. The ones you have seen are copies of that document or some official attestation that such a document exists.

“There is a birth announcement two weeks after his birth in the local Hawaii paper: but (strangely there is no hospital or doctor stated in the announcement).”

It was actually posted in two separate papers. In both, his announcement is nested among a couple dozen other birth announcements. None of them list the hospital or doctor either. Each list has announcements dating back to late in the previous month. I guess Hawaii must be the stop over point for Kenyan immigrants trying to make it look like their babies were born in the U.S. in the event that they ever decide to run for president.

“What if he was born in Kenya (which was a British colony at the time) and then brought into the US (so he could have citizenship and all it implies)? Does it happen, I bet you it happens quite a lot (what with Mexico being so close and all the goodies you get if you are a US citizen). It could happen…”

Except for the part where they are able to have a birth certificate filed with county/state in which you’re wanting their kids to have been born. It’s possible to have a forged document in your possession, but getting that placed into official records is another matter entirely.

“Now on the other hand why all the fuss in the first place?”

Because the birthers have made a fuss over an issue they themselves manufactured out of whole cloth.

“This whole group could be shut up at once if they would just show it.”

This is precisely why this whole group is being derided as being nuts. In spite of the fact that the certificate HAS been shown, they still cling to their nonsense. Facts are not important to them.

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  1. I was expecting something great from Miguel, but after reading this I felt it was rather lacking (argument wise). You might want to check some of your facts.

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