My Week Off from the Daily Blog – Day Two

by Chris McGinty
It is June 9, 2010 as I write this, but I will discuss the day of June 8, 2010 as it was Tuesday, and my second day off from the blog.

What did people do before copy/paste?

Midnight to 6 am – Once again I was at work during this time. I can’t say I did quite as much though. I wrote the “Day One” blog and spent much of the evening accessing my life. One question that has been prevalent lately is whether my dad should sell the house I live in. All indications point to yes. Not to put words in Dave Ramsey’s mouth, but from listening to his show so much I think he would suggest selling it and being rid of it since it’s probably doing more damage than good to my dad’s finances. Having recently read a book on creative thinking, I was considering the problem from a number of different points of view, and one idea sort of snuck into the forefront. It would take too long to explain it, so I won’t. The only reason I bring it up is because…

6 am to Noon – After work I went to my dad’s and discussed some things with him. I discussed my idea about the house. He still sounds like he wants to sell it, which is fine. It was just a thought. It may not have even been a good thought. I also explained what happened with my tooth. He told me to meet him after he got off work and we could go to his dentist. I went home, ate, got on Facebook for a bit, and then went to sleep. Again, I don’t really remember any dreams.

A Quick Thought – I said yesterday that I had a couple of thoughts I would save for a slow day. One such thought has to do with wealth. I once heard wealth described as: How long you could live at your current standard of living if you no longer had income? It changed the way I thought about money. It also gave me an interesting thought about this blog as wealth of material goes. As in how long could we sustain the blog as a daily blog if we no longer wrote new material for it? Right now I think it would be through the end of next week (or this week by the time this gets posted.) I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m writing a new post each day that I’m off. It increases that wealth, and hopefully will give Nathan a week off next week to build up his blog wealth too.

Noon to 6 pm – I woke up around 4 pm, showered, and went to my dad’s. We went to the dentist’s office and set up an appointment for me for Wednesday at 10 am. So early. But it was either then or Monday. I showed my dad the Tron Legacy trailer. He didn’t seem too interested. I paid my cell phone bill, and then went home. Then I went to get soda, because things were about to get ugly on the soda front.

6 pm to Midnight – I watched Boston Legal. I’m pretty far along in Season Three now. While I watched that I did some basic tinkering on Farmville. This may sound horribly lame, but the truth is that for the last week and a half I’ve done almost no TV watching or Farmville. Heck, I downloaded the updates for Magic Online, sighed, and didn’t play it. I needed some full on entertainment time. Nathan called me then and admonished me when I told him what I was doing. What was he doing? Trying to find Garbage Pail Kids. Eh, what can you do? We then verbally faced off on who has done more creative work lately. It’s what we do, I guess. When I got to work the guard I relieve told me that he asked about this post, and I’m thinking now that I may have misunderstood. She said something about our last weekend out here. It’s possible that we may not be doing weekend shifts now, but still have this client. That would drop me from 36 hours to 30, but give me a second night off, and honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I’ll probably try to call tomorrow to find out.

My Thoughts on Nathan’s Kmart Kpart Two – First let me say that my actual thoughts yesterday revolved around my first jobs. I worked a couple of really odd jobs until I finally got a dishwashing job at a local steak house in Sacramento, California (though it may have officially been in Rancho Cordova, I forget where the borders were.) I’m not sure I could do a whole week about my time there, but I bet I could do a post or two at some point. I was just frustrated because I saved Nathan’s post to read at work, which meant that I couldn’t edit it as I read. I know this will seem like a very odd thought to focus on out of everything than Nathan discussed in Part Two. The part where the employees were paid in cash, but they had to stop because people were getting mugged. I guess I’m curious if he ever spoke to someone who got mugged, or if that’s just the reason somebody gave. It would seem that the more likely reason would be to automate payroll. There are plenty of businesses where people walk out with cash every night between getting paid in tips and taking deposits to the bank. If Kmart was still taking cash deposits to the bank after stopping the practice of paying employees in cash, then I would suggest that the muggings were merely an urban legend. I’ll ask Nathan and comment later.

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