My Week Off from the Daily Blog – Day Three

by Chris McGinty

It is June 10, 2010 as I write this, but I will discuss the day of June 9, 2010 as it was Wednesday, and my third day off from the blog.

Midnight to 6 am – Aside from writing yesterday’s post, I spent most of my work shift watching Boston Legal. Sadly, I could finish Season Three tonight with a concerted effort, except that I left the last disc at home. I may still watch the three episodes I have with me.

6 am to Noon – When I left work I went straight home and straight to sleep for about two hours, and then I got up, got showered, and made my way to my dentist appointment. I had six hours at work last night in which I could fill out the Patient Information sheet, and didn’t have a pen with me. When I got there I filled that out and this woman walked in with her little girl. She said, “Pick out a magazine young Padawan.” Or something to that effect. The little girl picked up a Newsweek, and it looked like it had some sort of Anime girl on it. I was curious. But you snooze you lose (and judging from the lack of sleep today, I’m the winner of the day.) She went back first, so I picked up the magazine. It was actually a painted picture of the Virgin Mary. The article was a point of view that the issue with the Catholic Church is that it’s an all men’s club, and needed the influence of women. I didn’t read very far, because it’s probably easier to fix the issues with health care in the US than it is to fix the Catholic Church. I instead read an article about 37 Signals, and found myself intrigued enough that I’ll have to go read their blog a bit. The dentist office was efficient. I barely had time to read the whole article between them bringing me back, doing the x-rays, doing the physical exam, and giving me a four visit plan to put me in a lot of pain, but come out on the other side with upper dentures. They were so efficient in fact that I can’t change paragraphs yet. I went to my dad’s work. First off, he will be paying for the work, so I was supposed to let him know how much. Since it was going to be less than he expected it might not be a bad thing to hear. Plus he works in a pharmacy (for a few more days at least since he’s retiring) so I thought I’d get my prescription for Amoxicillin filled. Turns out they are no longer licensed to fill scripts (that’s what they call them sometimes) from outside of the hospital, so it was off to Walgreen’s where I was told it would be two hours.

Noon to 6 pm – I went and got another small storage shed, because no matter how well you stack things, you can’t go over maybe five feet or things will fall. So I have a mess to clean up in my storage shed. It seemed reasonable to move it to where it’ll fit better. It also seems reasonable to get rid of half of everything I own, which I am doing, and discuss in one of my ready to go posts. I then ate, and went back for my medicine. Then I went home and slept.

6 pm to Midnight – I wasn’t destined to wake up at any point and feel like I had slept enough. I woke to Nathan calling to call off our Thursday meeting for this week, giving the excuse that he wants to encode footage while he’s still got the momentum going. I agreed. I’m sure I can find something to do that’s goal related. Maybe. About all my poor sleep deprived brain could handle was playing Farmville for a while, writing a little, and then going to work.

My Thoughts on Nathan’s Kmart Kpart Three – Oh, don’t we all have our devil doll stories? Actually that’s the problem. I don’t. Amusing tale though. I hate to say this, but my personality being what it is, that would have probably been my last day there because I probably wouldn’t have let the doll go on principle alone. It wasn’t store property, so the boss had no right to take it. I hope the devil doll came alive one night and strangled the boss. Maybe I’ve seen too many Twilight Zone episodes.

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