My Week Off from the Daily Blog – Day Four

by Chris McGinty

It is June 11, 2010 as I write this, but I will discuss the day of June 10, 2010 as it was Thursday, and my fourth day off from the blog.

Midnight to 6 am – I spent most of my shift typing away. I also thought about some information I neglected to impart yesterday which is that I am going to a new post next week. I know you were all on the edge of your seats waiting to find out. It wasn’t until 5 am that something worth noting happened. My battery seemed to be dead on my car. The thing is it had done something like this before where there was no reason for it to be dead, and sure enough it wasn’t. So realizing that I’d have to push it to the other side of the yard I watch before the workers arrived I started pushing and was able to push start it, but not before setting off the useless alarm on it. I need to find the fuse that powers that. I let it run for a few minutes, and when I shut it off it was clear the battery drained again. When it was time for me to go, I started pushing to start it again, and one of the workers noticed. I explained what I was doing and he helped. It wouldn’t start this time. The battery was dead.

6 am to Noon – He helped me jumpstart the car, and I drove to my dad’s. I asked to use his car for the day so I’d have something to jumpstart my car to go get the battery tested. I drove him to work and then after a quick stop off at home I took my car to Auto Zone to get it checked. The battery was bad. And when I pulled it, I could see that it looked about as bad as it was working. I went home, my car now working just fine, and got something to eat and watched a couple of episodes of Boston Legal to let my breakfast settle before lying down.

Noon to 6 pm – I woke a little before 4 pm and went to get my dad from work. I had loaned him Cutting Crew’s “Broadcast” a week or so ago, and it was still in the CD player. When I got there he said he was surprised the CD wasn’t worn out yet, because he listened to it nonstop most of the time he had it. It is a great album. I went home and finished Season Three of Boston Legal and played some Scrabble.

6 pm to Midnight – After the roommates children were in bed I opened the door to my bedroom a little bit to let some cool air in, and went to the library where I picked up the beginning of Season Three of “24.” I went back home and napped for a while and then came to work.

My Thoughts on Nathan’s Kmart Kpart Four – I liked the part where Nathan pointed out that back then you could smoke in retail stores, because nowadays in Dallas TX you can’t even smoke in a bar. The task lists reminded me of the “deployment schedule” at Papa John’s that would tell us what we needed to accomplish before we left. I used to convince managers to write “Drive” under my primary assignment, as was the case for all drivers, and then write “Look Cute” under my secondary assignment. They knew I would do plenty of secondary work anyway because I was a career closer for a while. No one ever thought to make what to me is an obvious joke: “Oh, I see you can’t go home until you ‘look cute.’ It’s no wonder you’re always here so late.” Otherwise, nothing particularly springs to mind.

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