That old demon (or is that deamon)

by Nathan Stout

It’s that time again.
I’m getting listless.

*Are you tired, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Try vitametavegamin!*

No, I haven’t been poopingout at parties. I don’t go to parties. I am talking about getting burnt out. Now I don’t want to get that extreme but I am not sure what to call it. My well runneth dry… how about that?

The old motivation-sucking demon is back again. I am sure you have had to listen to me drone on and on about it in the past but I wanted to let you all know how I am *trying* to deal with it.

The whole re-editing thing is dragging on and I can cite that as being one reason for the tiredness. I look at what is to be done and I just let out a long sigh. It’s a beating just thinking about it. Here is how I motivate myself when it comes to the show.
I think about finishing an episode and posting it.
I think about having that ‘feather’ under my cap.
I think about getting it on television in Fort Worth (which we haven’t done in more than five years).
I think how cool it is to have something new out there.

That’s about all. It does motive a little but not much.
The next step I have taken is to move things around (literally). I have taken my desk and moved it to another room. One that is cooler than the back bedroom I have been using (and where the hated incident occurred). It’s a fresh start (if you will). It helped a bit.

Ok, now that the video editing demon has been pushed back for a while there are some other demons lurking about. Let’s deal with the writing one.
I have ten unfinished Word documents staring at me all day. One of the goals for this current ten week goal period is to write ten short stories. I have begun four of them and I do have the ideas for all ten but I have a lot to write. I created Word documents for each in case I get this urge to type something out. Getting those documents started (if even only to have a blank page) is my way of fighting that demon. I also try to think about the ideas I have while I am doing various tasks. I try to come up with scenes or ideas and then hurry back and write them out. Another point of motivation (which Chris isn’t too big on AT ALL) is writing my short stories to align with Pill Hill Press’ anthology books. Pill Hill publishes mostly writer submitted stories and so I have attempted to theme a couple of my short stories to fit what they are asking for. Chris doesn’t really believe in this (his artistic mentality) but it is a VERY good motivational tool.

Another demon to beat back is the one that stops me from writing these darn blogs. Having a blog a day can be challenging. Well, having one that is interesting enough is challenging. This blog (for instance) is not so hot. Chris and I worked on a brainstorming exercise a couple of weeks ago and I have lists and list of things I could write about but I am afraid they just aren’t all that fantastic and might run any potential reader off (at least off to sleep). I can’t find much in the way to combat my motivation blues when it comes to the blog. I DO find that when we do some creative project it does provide me with blog fodder but we haven’t done anything recently. Maybe that’s the key.

My final demon (or daemon or deamon or whatever) would be shooting more show. We need to get onto Episode 2 of season 3 and it would be easy enough but I feel I need to spend my time working on getting episode 1 finished. SIGH. It’ brings me back to my first demon. It’s a never ending loop of demons.

What can I do to help all these? Well you might think I just need to tackle each one on it’s own but I think I might have an answer. New blood (no, not some crappy tween vampire movie) but new people to join in the madness. I have gone around this subject before and Chris is probably rolling his eyes as he reads this but I think it would be good. Chris suggested going to TCC or Denton and finding the drama students/clubs. I am sure if we found them they would be more than willing to do some acting and stuff for us. I think that would be a great motivator. These dudes (and dudettes) would be giddy and such and their giddiness would be infectious. Poof! Demons banished.
I think I’ll go do some looking.

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