Sketches and Vlogs and Hard Drives oh my!

by Nathan Stout (of

You might have noticed we started putting that (of next to our names at the top of all blog posts. That’s because of all the copy/paste going on here on the interwebs. I talked about our blog posts showing up here and there with no referring link back to the site so I thought we should have a link somewhere in the body of each post that wasn’t a hyperlink.

One of the goals I came up with for this ten weeks (a last minute goal) was to shoot a sketch each time Chris and I got together (which is once a week) and shoot a Vlog as well (each week).

A Vlog is simply a straight to YouTube type video that tries to tap into all those stupid videos that get millions of hits for no apparent reason. Basically somebody (usually a hot girl) just turns a camera on starts blathering. I decided since we don’t have a hot chick to use we will have to use the closest thing we have, a long-haired hippie. Chris is interesting enough to keep people’s attention and he can blather on about stuff fairly well so that’s the angle I decided on. When Chris comes over each week we will film him talking about what ever and then post it up and see if anyone watches. My original thought was to keep it simple and low-tech and have him sit in front of the computer and perform infront of the webcam but he had more grandiose ideas and now we are using the video camera. We already shot two of the ten so we are up one already. I am planning on shooting them all then releasing them once a week (or maybe two a week) after they are all done.

The next part of that goal is the more ambitious part, sketches. I thought we could shoot short, simple stuff each week. Anything from a fifteen second commercial for the website like these were to something more along the lines of a full fledged sketches we could post or integrate into Season 3 if we wanted to. These sketches would require full on editing and such and are a bit more complex (ok, a lot) than the Vlogs. Speaking of, I need to crackin‘ on writing the second sketch!

Our first attempt at the weekly Vlog was Chris talking about someone he chatted with at Rubber Glove Studios in Dallas about 8 Track tape players and then a quick ride in my VW Beetle. Those were easy enough, no real edit points, just convert it and post it.

The first of the ten sketches we shot was written early last week and involves the couch and it’s discontent in life. It appears (pre-edit) that it will be somewhere around a minute and a half in length. Only time will tell.

That brings me to my final point of this here blog. None of this stuff is getting really worked on (edit-wise) until the new backup solution is fully in place and running. I have had too many issues to try it all again. You read last week that I got in our new hard drive array and such but two of the four hard drives came DOA. I have had to send them back and order new ones. Until those come in I am putting any real work on hold (its been on hold for months now).

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