Car Wrecks

by Nathan Stout (of

The day before yesterday the wife and I was driving South on Bryant Irvin headed from Camp Bowie to I-20. About two blocks South of Camp Bowie we witnessed a horrific wreck. I saw a silver truck seem to swerve into oncoming traffic. The truck was about seven car lengths ahead of us. I thought (momentarily to myself) aren’t there cars coming in the opposite direction? A car then passed in front of us and just as it did we saw the wreck. The truck did swerve into oncoming traffic (everyone going about 40-45MPH). A black SUV shot into the air and flipped over and several other cars were hit and knocked about.

My wife told me to pull over and call 911. She being ‘Mrs. Medical’ jumped out of the truck and took off towards the SUV that flipped. I began to block traffic as I called 911 to report the mess. The operator asked me a couple of questions and then asked me if they needed an ambulance. I said ‘oh yes’.

I finally got out of the road and pulled into one of the streets there in como. People were coming out of homes to see what all the fuss was about. The guy in the SUV was fine, walking about and talking. The people in the two other cars were ok as well (with cuts and bruises) with the driver of the truck being the one person who was really hurt. I don’t know the extend of his injuries but he looked pretty beat up. His fellow passenger said that he had blacked out and that is why he swerved into traffic. His friend also drug him out of the truck while all the black folks were yelling at him not to move him. They all seemed to be very knowledgeable as to first aid. The cavalry showed up and there wasn’t anything for us to do so we headed off.

This is the second time I have ever had to call 911. The other time occurred many years ago when I lived in Joshua. I was coming home from work (sometime around 1AM) and it was so foggy you couldn’t see more than fifty or so feet in front of you. I am coming from Fort Worth and on 731 when some yahoo in a truck comes barrelling (on a two lane road) past me driving about 80. I am driving about 45 and the speed limit is 55. It was so foggy I didn’t dare go any faster. I cursed at the guy and went about my concentrating on the road. About seven more miles up the road 731 dead ends and you have to go either right or left on 917. As I approach the stop sign I can see hazards flashing and a car horn. When I get to the stop sign I can see that the truck (which was probably still going 80) ran through the intersection and must have flown across the embankment and through the large right/left arrow sign. It was almost twenty feet back into the brush so he must have been hauling it when he realized what a dumbass he had been. I didn’t stop. I drive the mile home and then called 911. I could have gotten into trouble for not stopping and rendering aid but I did give the 911 people my info and I never got a call back after that. I didn’t want to stop because quite frankly I think the guy deserved it.

The wreck we saw off Bryant Irvin was like something out of a movie. I hope that it the closest I will ever come to any sort of wreck ever. Witnessing something like that makes you slow down a bit and keep your eyes peeled for any signs of danger because you never know when it might happen to you…

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