Operation: CTFU (C stands for “catch”)

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

8-24-10 – 11:40 pm

I haven’t posted much to the Daily Blog lately. I know Nathan has noticed. I doubt anyone else has noticed though, and by the time I go back and insert posts, no one will be the wiser… as long as they don’t read this.

My lack of posting hasn’t been so much for lack of writing. I’ve got some posts actually ready to go, but I’ve just needed to take the simple step of doing a quick edit and posting it. Seems so simple, but lately it really hasn’t been. Since August 19, 2010, I haven’t even had a chance to sign in to Facebook, except for a few minutes here and there. I’ve looked at the Quick Feed, and that’s about it.

My schedule got all turned upside down recently, and I haven’t seemed to be getting much sleep. It started when my 9 pm to 4 am shift ended before the start of the weekend. I was put on a day shift from 11 am to 7 pm. I’m horrible with getting to bed when the sun is not up, and then waking before noon. I wasn’t able to use my laptop at the post, so I was doing writing to my email that I haven’t pulled out and fixed up yet. To make matters worse, I came to the realization that I have been starved in the “going out and seeing bands play” department. 9 pm to 4 am is literally club hours in many cases, and I was working weekends. So I went to some shows that weekend, and then had to work Monday through Wednesday, 10 pm to 6 am. You want to talk about a useless Chris last week. And no sooner did I sort of get caught up on my sleep than I had to do the day shift again. And go to another show.

Let’s face it. I haven’t been really paying attention to priority lately, and I think Nathan has somewhat run out of topics to write about. So I’m thinking I should step up a little here, and get some posts going, but first I really need to post up the stuff I’ve written.

I decided I would write up until midnight, and we’re there now, so I will get to editing my written posts, and then get to writing some new material for the week. Three is the new zero again.

NOTE: I’m finally getting around to posting this at almost 6 pm the next day, cos I went straight to sleep when I got home from work. Nathan wrote a post that basically is a paragraph saying, “Eh, we’ve kind of sucked lately,” and we have.

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