Catching the show on TV

by Nathan Stout (of

I saw the show this evening. It comes on channel 28 at 7:30PM. I just happened across it and the Halo Night segment was playing. This was from the ‘Junk’ episode (episode 8). You can check out the episode guide on our site by clicking here. You won’t find the guide for this particular episode since it is the ‘junk’ episode. That is to say it is all the sketches that weren’t worthy enough to include in the regular line up. The Halo 2 Release Night at EB was a video that my (then) roommate Tuyen (pronounced twin) shot with my video camera the night he worked and Halo 2 was released. At that point I think I had left EB and was working Target in Burleson.

Anyway after the Halo bit was the lake sketch. This is a painfully long sketch where I ask (rhetorically) what he thinks of the beautiful, peaceful lake. He then spends somewhere around three minutes of screen time contemplating and writing then giving a speech that isn’t funny at all. I can easily see why this sketch wasn’t in the original six. After that is the ever popular Bloopers Part Deux. I cut out after that since the video started hanging up on the According To commercials that I placed in the episode. This brings me to my first point… we need to replace the DVDs that we are rotating at the public access office. The video was catching and skipping badly so I think I will provide Chris with replacements.

My next point is to once again discuss putting more out there. These eight thirty minute episodes have been running (literally) for years. The According To Whim brand needs some fresh material and quickly.

I am (let me check real quick)… six hours and eighteen minutes from having the new raid array finish building and then I can begin copying over footage. Once the footage is copied then I can catalogue the raw footage and go back to the tape masters and begin re encoding footage that was deleted in the great crash of 2010. Once that is done I can continue the editing process and get some videos done and on TV (and the web).

Once final note about viewing the show on TV. It has been a long time since I actually got to sit down and watch the show as a broadcast but I noticed that the audio was lacking. It seemed that (and it could have been the small TV I was watching it on) the audio was either right or left (not in stereo). I will have to double check that on the big TV to make sure. If it is still soft I might make the stereo mix a mono mix in future edits to ensure equal sound on both channels. The other final note was that the video looks great on a tube TV. I can’t say anything about the HD TV but the small old TV I have in my PC room makes the images (of the old camcorder we shot the original six with) look pretty darn good.

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