New places to shoot the show

by Nathan Stout (of

Now that I have fully moved I have had some time to look around and formulate new sketch ideas (based on my new location).
The first thing that jumped out at me was the garage. It is a free standing two car garage in the back of the back yard. It will take some cleaning but it looks to be the perfect place for a faux Wayne’s World basement-type set. I’m not too sure how ‘rain worthy’ the garage is and I am going to need it to store my extra stuff but it looks like it might be a good place for this and other sets for the show. My thought is to do a moving shot through the house with a voice overlay and move into the spare restroom to a door that gives access to the hot water heater. The shot would fade to suggest we are going through that door and down into a basement (the garage set). I think it would be a fun setup.
The next location that looks useful is the main restroom. It look(ed) like something out of a Saw movie. When we first moved in there was a ‘day’ florescent light in there which gave everything a blue tint. The house is 80 years old so it looks a little creepy in the first place. The floor of the rest room is black and white checker and the toilet and claw foot tub looks dilapidated. Add some fake blood to the floor (chocolate syrup, you could never tell in that blue tint) and there you go!
The house also has three (count them!) 3 front doors. That will make for many delivery joke sketches alone! The house also has huge creepy ceilings, creaking doors, and wood floors so I should be able to get some scary-type sketches out of that.
All in all there are some great uses at the new house and I hope I can get more shot and up on TV. Speaking of TV we got cable installed this weekend and I am now able to see the Fort Worth public access channel. Once again it appears that 99% of the programming is crappy quality church shows. This just inspires me more to create content for channel 28. This would require a slight change in format from sketch based to a more ‘eclectic‘ type of segment show. More of what Chris despises. I down with that if it means we get more air time. We will see what will come of it all.

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