Some Comments (Part Two)

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

Part One – Yesterday, I dealt with some things discussed in previous posts, and a random thought or two. Today, I will continue with that noble tradition, or whatever you want to call it.

Works In Progress – Nathan made a comment to yesterday’s part that I was being too staunch about my beliefs of what the episodes look like. He took exception to me calling it “Special Editions.” I guess George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg have given that term a bad name that is synonymous with sucking. Perhaps the reason Nathan doesn’t feel it’s the same thing is because we’re not talking about marketing our new editions as “must buys, even if you have the previous version.” Nathan, do me a favour. Pick up any book, and look at the beginning somewhere by the copyright. You’ll see words such as “first printing” or “fourth edition.” Usually after that it will list copyright dates. It’ll have the copyright of the first printing, followed by the copyright date of the current printing, and any special features involved – like new introductions, or included articles. What I’m saying is that even when a record company would remix old albums from the analog era, they would usually mark them as Digitally Re-mastered. There is nothing wrong with the idea of creating a “new edition.” I guess “Special Edition” leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I wasn’t opposed to Stephen King adding a novel worth on new pages to “The Stand.” It was marketed as a new edition though. Oh, and just for fun, try this extreme analogy. Write a speech. Insult a large minority group in the speech in very insensitive way. Give the speech. Then remove the slight, and give the speech again. Tell everyone that it was a work in progress. Oh! And please tape it.

Editing the Blog – I feel like this will come back to bite me if I don’t clarify. If I go back and make edits to the blog of simple misspelled words without changing the meaning of the piece, then it is really not necessary to clarify, though I usually do somewhere. If I were to go back and rewrite a blog post, adding or subtracting much of it, and/or changing the intended meaning, it would be reasonable for me to post it as a revised post, or at the very least clarify that there have been changes made.

Hour Long Shows – I did ask about getting another time slot for an hour show on public access. It is no problem. I spoke with Nathan about what I thought these shows were intended to be. The in between bits were intended to introduce segments from various episodes, possibly segments from other shows with permission, new segments that were not in shows yet, and segments (such as local bands performing, or video segments of the audio show) that are not intended to go into the official shows. I believe Nathan is filling out the paperwork. I need to find the original in between bits, and possibly we need to plan out what segments to use for a show that we can shoot in between bits for this week when we get together.

Shows Getting Cut Off – Nathan pointed out that Episode 6 of Season 1 was cutting off on TV. I may have an answer to that, but it doesn’t really make sense. The guy I spoke to said that the time slots were 28 minutes and 58 minutes. I know that Nathan put a long lead out banner showing our website address at the end of each episode in order to avoid the show getting cut off, but maybe that’s what is happening anyway. Perhaps we should try to time the new shows we do out to 25 minutes and 55 minutes, or somewhere there about to avoid being cut off.

Part Three – I find myself with stuff still to talk about, so I’ll do my best to finish this up tomorrow. Or who knows, maybe a Part Four will be in order.

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